Cas Verholt

Cas Verholt

Strategy Designer, Storyteller, Entrepreneur

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

After a ‘corporate career’ at Sara Lee|DE and Endemol Entertainment, Cas has worked for many clients – from consumer & corporate brands to museums, from theme parks to public spaces. What they all had in common was that they wanted to communicate their stories in ways that connected with their audience. Cas founded Act2 in 2002, a creative agency that used the strength of storytelling & imagination to create that connection.

Everyone has a story, a tale to unfold
But what brings one to live, is the way one is told

In the last few years, Cas learned some valuable lessons from a MBI and co-founding a start up himself.

Recently, Cas has shifted his focus to strategy & culture design in order to help companies and start up’s to (re)design their value proposition and innovate their business model with the best available team.

Top 3 Skills:

1. Value Proposition Design & Storytelling
2. Team Culture Design
3. Business Model Innovation

Cas believes in great ideas & talented people to make the world a better place.
Cas can support start up teams with:

– Design a team culture to innovate, execute and/or scale
– Better understand what their customers want & why
– Design their value proposition and business model

Some people say Cas is an ‘Architect of Succes of Others’.