Carlos Valderrama

Carlos Valderrama

Managing Director at Mjølnir Ventures

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Barcelona Mentor

Computer engineer passionate about Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence, Innovation and team work. Currently the VP of Engineering of a Cyber Intelligence firm in the UK, Cyber security manager of a multinational IoT firm and a cyber security expert with over 15 years experience in Computer Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis and Cyber Intelligence.

Has worked on large-scale international cyber investigations dealing with sophisticated malware and helped prevent attacks from renowned hacking campaigns and cyber criminals in cases of information leaks, cyber espionage and eCrime. Initially, he started his career as a penetration tester and soon realised his passion laid in Computer Forensics and Incident Response, which led him on his path to become a passionate expert in Cyber Intelligence. Over the span of my career, he has created several tools for Cyber Security and Cyber intelligence and have spoken at large scale Cyber Security conferences on the state of the sector. He’s trained several law enforcement groups in many countries and cooperated in different cases all around the world. He also teaches on the subject and mentors various university and military study programs.

Has been the editor in some of the most well known Cyber Security magazines.