Breght Boschker

Breght Boschker

Founder at CTO-on-Demand

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

Product guy, strategist & mentor, digital native, business developer and hands-on tech junkie, thrives at the meeting point of technology, business & people. I have multiple years of experience in a wide range of fields in academics, corporates and startups in technical, business and leading roles; building and continuously improving great products, teams and businesses makes me tick. As CTO-on-Demand focusing on having the right (tech) strategy, team members and approach.

Areas of expertise: product & team strategy, technical due diligence, startups, large-scale connected and cloud systems, embedded & mobile systems, system architecture & design.

Tech areas of interest: compiler design, virtual machine technology, AI & machine learning, UX/UI design, cloud & container tech.