Bob Jansen

Bob Jansen

Co-founder at Firmhouse

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam || Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

Co-founded Firmhouse back in 2008. Firmhouse helps businesses launch new internet products. We design, develop and test early product concepts and turn them into sustainable products. We understand how to integrate fast moving projects into existing organizations and complex systems. I help people get their ideas for internet services launchable. On a daily basis I develop the business and design new products. I actively mentor startups during weekends like Lean Startup Machine and Evolv.

Top 3 Skills:
1. Product Design
2. Business Development
3. Customer Development

I’ve enjoyed mentoring startups during weekends as Lean Startup Machine and Evolv Weekend. Primarily I’d love to help startups to focus on what matters and don’t overcomplicated things on the business model or product level.