Bill Trueman

Bill Trueman

Director at

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Bill helps steer businesses towards change, often to ‘safety’ from €£$ from multi-million fines, losses and regulator issues; or helping to avoid such pitfalls. He delivers vision, ethical conduct, clarity and direction in businesses, introduces solutions and leadership within risk management, compliance/ governance and anti-fraud areas, and takes businesses to the forefront of their industries. He is a banker and a fellow of the CFIFS (Bankers/Financial Services).

As an experienced business manager and company director, and an expert in most aspects of financial payments risk strategy/operations, but with an academic and strong ‘engineering’ approach to payments, banking and
insurance, ill helps boards get on top of regulatory difficulties and hurdles or loss-making situations. He also then drives the planning that prevents such situations with, if necessary radical changes in direction and thinking.

He demonstrates expertise in shaping future plans and direction, impatiently driving the change to prevent or deliver £-$-€ multi-million savings in some of the largest European organisations and across multiple sectors. Bill is an initiator, who is results driven and combines well-developed commercial acumen with first class negotiation skills and
strong leadership capabilities. He entered senior management in the 1990, and in the 2000’s he set-up, grew and sold an outsource business; and has been advising companies at board level across Europe over the last 8 years.