Bas Smeulders

Bas Smeulders

co-founder / COO at SendCloud

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

Three years ago I started my own webshops where I was responsible for the operations of the company. Stock management, order processing, customer service etcetera. Also, I have years of experience in direct sales at Samsung and Microsoft. In order to optimize the shipment process, we designed and created the SendCloud platform which now helps over 400 webshops to process their shipments automatically and at low prices.

Top 3 Skills:
1. Business Development
2. Finance
3. Negotiating

The reason why I like to work with Startups is because my company is still a startup and I can help new companies to get through this stage on their way to become a real company. Also, working with other young companies keeps your mindset quick and creative. We are always looking out for new developments in our markets, so I’m excited to learn more about net E-commerce startups.