Bas Hafkenscheid

Bas Hafkenscheid

Senior Interim Executive at Culsans BV

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

After a career as both consultant and executive I’m now active as an interim executive. My 2 focus areas are achieving commercial success (from short to long term) and achieving smooth operational execution. I have a sharpened analytical mind and will quickly find the nucleus of the challenge at hand. Building bridges between people is key in my approach to success. Innovation, people and visible successes are my key motivators. Having said this, doing all this while having fun gives me the energy that really makes me tick.

Top 3 skills:

1. Commerce
2. Business case & product development
3. Connecting people

Working closely with bright people towards the market introduction of a innovative concept gives me energy. If it proves valuable, a long term cooperation could make it even more powerful. I would enjoy seeing our work come to a flourishing and widely used proposition.