Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik

Founder & Director at Revvx Hardware Accelerator

Startupbootcamp FoodTech Rome Mentor

Avinash is the Founder of Hardware Startup Accelerator with access to Manufacturing factories in China and Taiwan, Distributors and Retail Buyers in US and Asia and Innovation labs of Fortune 500 Corporates.

He also Heads a VC firm in India which invests in emerging Tech startups.

Avinash has previously served as an Advisor to World Bank,IFC and GTZ backed ICT Incubation Center in Africa.He has worked with Food and Agriculture Corporates in Africa , South East Asia and Latin America. Avinash believes that by 2030, Food will be one of the biggest challenges to feed 9 Billion population and we need to Act to solve NOW.

Avinash is a Venture Catalyst and a Go-To Market Specialist for innovative product companies. Avinash is passionate about disruptive innovations especially in the Hardware / Connected Things space. He truly believes that when done right, disruption is about connecting dots that are not yet visible.

His professional history encompasses 15+ years of being an Entrepreneur, Investor, Corporate Development and Innovation Expert in large Corporations and VC backed technology start-ups, helping them bring innovative products to market. Avinash brings his vast experience across diverse geographies including Brazil, Argentina, USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines,China, Singapore, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and India.

Avinash’s favorite past time is “betting” on start-ups with his own chips. He loves long shots with big ideas with the potential for huge wins in the end. Avinash is the Founder of RevvX Hardware Accelerator and also Heads a Venture Capital Firm in India. Avinash holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering.”