Atsushi Haga

Atsushi Haga

C.E.O. and Founder, at TORO Limited Liability Company

Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka Mentor

Atsushi Haga is running a consulting and trading company named ‘TORO’ since 2015. Thanks to his international business and business development experiences in the field of electronics, semiconductors and precision machinery, he can provide substantial advice to client companies.

Authority organizations like JETRO and JICA have asked him to:
1) help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of Japan grow their international business,
2) present seminars/lecturers how to develop international business,
3) attend an exhibition/trade show to promote SMEs business

He is also writing a blog for international business beginners, whose website is managed by Mitsui Bussan Credit Consulting Co., Ltd.


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