Arne Hulstein

Arne Hulstein

Director Europe at StartupBus

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Mentor

I love people. I love to explore. Discover the new and unchartered. We live in a time where the internet is the basis for our new exploration. We are the new Columbus’. And I love to inspire people to get in the boat, or to improve their tub into a full fleet.

This is why I love startups and love to work with them. I am a mentor at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam and I am an advisor to other Dutch startups.

I also start my own new endeavors, usually with inspiring others as their main goal.

In 2011 I brought StartupBus to Europe. We had a great time and have seen a fantastic growth in the people who rode the first StartupBus in Europe. It will ride again in 2012 and we have high expectations for it.

At you can take a peek into my mind. I share things I think about, things that trigger my thoughts. From that basis, I also go out to inspire through speaking to people and groups about the future.