Anna-Lisa Wesley

Anna-Lisa Wesley

Strategy Coach. Entrepreneur In Residence. Partner Sapphire and Steel. Founder Honest Onions. Assoc Director - Baringa

Startupbootcamp Energy Australia || FinTech Melbourne || InsurTech London || ItalianTech || Startupbootcamp Australia Mentor

Anna-Lisa helps make it easier for start-up, scale-up and keep-up businesses to find their edge in a competitive market. In a business consulting career (Deloitte, Accenture, Baringa) of almost 20 years, she has learned what works.

Anna-Lisa brings clarity for businesses looking to change or launch their business, service or experience offer. Her facilitation and business coaching sessions plot a path to a bold vision.

In preparation for these sessions, Anna-Lisa works with vulnerable people, ensuring that their voice is heard to help unearth fresh thinking. Pragmatic and highly interactive, these sessions make it feel easier to get on-board.

Apart from being a mentor for Startupbootcamp, Anna-Lisa is also in collaborations with a UK water, professional services, executive education and a scale-up energy business.