Angela Troianos

Angela Troianos

Executive Director at Yuu Consulting Co., Ltd.

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Angela has worked for both private companies and local governments in Japan and the United States and has an extensive network of contacts working in government, business, academia, and the not-for-profit sector.

In Japan, she has observed firsthand the challenges that communities and municipal governments face amidst rapid social changes in relation to aging population, globalization, urbanization, and weakening social ties in communities. She established Yuu Consulting Co. Ltd (“YuuCo”), a social enterprise, with the goal of helping municipalities, business, and civil society make greater social impact and respond to changing needs and challenges in their community. Employing a variety of business and community-minded approaches, Yuu Co offers consulting, strategic facilitation, communication, and stakeholder engagement services and excels in helping clients engage difficult-to-reach social groups in Japanese communities.

Angela’s mission is to use Yuu Consulting as a force for connecting stakeholders in the Kansai region, to promote evidence-based local decision making, and to contribute to the building of strong, sustainable communities in Kansai/Japan.


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