Andy McLean

Andy McLean

Treasury Innovation Co-Lead at Investec

Startupbootcamp FinTech London Mentor

Andy has recently been pushed out the door by his boss at Investec straight into the London FinTech scene and because there’s no safe shallow end of the pool, swimming in the only option! So, Andy has partnered up with Frank Ray to make the most of the ride and they’ve landed on their feet at StartUpBootCamp Fintech.

Together they bring a shedload of time inside Investec and other City banks which means a lot of frustration with existing process but also a monster amount of data points (‘big data’ if you like) that is ripe for picking off by daring FinTech start-ups who are not sure yet how their tree will grow.

Andy sees being a mentor as an opportunity to share some wisdom, to ask questions that are so obvious that eventually one will really have an impact on a start-up and, most importantly, to open as many doors as possible during the programme. To Andy, ambition is all about asking hard questions of yourself (without fear) and then picking brave, convention-challenging actions as the answer.