Alper Sener

Alper Sener

Founding Partner at PavoTek

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

Alper Sener was born in 1969, Istanbul. He studied Electronic Communication Engineering at Istanbul Technical University

He worked in different positions and firms:
Obim Officer – Army Corps
ARGE Engineer- Netas ARGE
ARGE Engineer – Nortel Telecom, Canada
Product Manager – Baan, Turkey
Work Development Manager – Ericsson, Turkey
Work Development Manager – ITD.
Alper started his Technology Holding career in 2004, by time he met Pavo, which was known as T-Tronics inside the group, he worked as the Work Development Manager until the middle of the year 2009.

Alper is the Vice Chairman of Administrative Board and General Manager Assistant at Pavo.