Ali Babaoğlan

Ali Babaoğlan

Investor & Investment Advisor

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

Ali Rıza Babaoğlan is an experienced executive, investor, and mentor. He has been several technology companies like IBM, SAP, GE and Linkedin globally for last 10 years.

Ali is an active business angel and invests in early stage start-ups. He is shareholder and a board member of digital companies like; Ekran İşleri,, Noluyo, and AR Pandora where he has one exit so far. (His investment REKMOB acquired by ReklamStore in Q1-2016 and covered largely in media)

Receiving his BSc degree from Başkent University and MBA degree from Bilkent University both with full-scholarships, he also received the BSRE Award of IBM, MSP Award of Microsoft & TOYP Award of JCI in his early career.