Alexander Beresford

Alexander Beresford

Growth Hacking lead at PayPal

Startupbootcamp FinTech London || HighTech Eindhoven Mentor

My name is Alexander Beresford, ~4 years of Sales/BD experience and ~3 in Growth. I am a 100% digital native in pretty much everything I do. Born in Norway, lived in the US, Netherlands, Poland, and France.

Growing the Financial performance and/or User base of a company is repeatable a process that can be developed, tracked, iterated, and scaled in a way that quickly defines the optimal way to deploy your resources, especially Time, People, and Money..This is applicable to any company, at any size or stage of maturity.

Personal passions include Video Games, Sports, Technology, and most importantly: Very Large/Complex problems. I am insatiably curious and strongly believe sharing information and mentoring others is the best way I can help others succeed.