Adam de Sola Pool

Adam de Sola Pool

CEO at Environmental Investment Partners

Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Mentor

With over 16 years experience being an early stage venture capitalist in central European environmental, cleantech and renewable energy SME’s, Adam knows how to both provide capital (debt and equity) as well as coach management teams into being growth stage companies. Of the 20 environmental and renewable energy companies Adam has invested in and mentored: 6 have been listed, 4 have been sold, 3 remain private, 4 have been liquidated and 3 are still partially owned by Adam. Equity stakes have ranged from 2% to 50%.

Recently, Adam has been applying his start up mentoring and emerging market skills in America and Myanmar where he has been assisting in the establishment of renewable energy businesses.

Adam enjoys being an early stage venture capitalist / angel investor.

With new opportunities in the USA, in 2013, Adam has started spending a majority of his time in Cambridge MA.