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What is Startupbootcamp

Positioning Statement

Family. Global. Network. Focus. We are a global family of industry-focused innovation programs helping ambitious founders scale.

Full Boilerplate

Startupbootcamp started in 2010 and now we operate globally with 20+ industry-focused programs in key locations including San Francisco, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Chengdu, Berlin, Dubai, Hartford, Istanbul, Rome, London, Melbourne, Miami, Mumbai, Mexico City, New York, and Singapore.

We have spent years fine-tuning our approach by supporting 600+ companies and 174 corporate partners, testing new models to make innovation accessible to all. Startupbootcamp supports ambitious founders scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.

Each of our programs has an industry focus which allows us to provide an unmatched level of support to the businesses selected for our programs.

Startupbootcamp Media Kit

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Startupbootcamp Logos

The master brand is our strongest visual representation. It’s the logo that ties our global family of programs together.

It’s used in collateral and channels that represent all Startupbootcamp programs.

Logo elements are fixed and must never be modified. The abbreviated version is used on social media and on circumstances where there are area restrictions.

Startupbootcamp Logo

Startupbootcamp Logo

Logo Variants

Masterbrand logo has three versions: full-color version, white version, and an abbreviated version. 
Colour logo is always used on white backgrounds.
The White version of the logo is used on dark backgrounds.
The abbreviated version is used on social media and on circumstances where there are area restrictions.

Our go-to abstract symbol consists of two upward arrows. The icon embodies the growth achieved by the startups during our 3-month programs.

Part of  Startupbootcamp logo, the icon can also be applied in marketing collateral to create visual impact.

Startupbootcamp Logo
Startupbootcamp Icon

Partner Logos

Showcasing our corporate partners in our marketing collateral is an essential part of our promotion.

In order to keep the integrity of our logo and those of our partners, ensure the minimum clear space is followed.

If in doubt about the type of partner logo you should use in your marketing activity, ask the local partner their brand guidelines.

Startupbootcamp Logo Partners

Logo Misuses

Keep our logos consistent. These illustrations describe some, but not all, potential misuses you should avoid.

These rules apply to all variations of our logos.

The abbreviated logo is to be used in social media and in circumstances when there are area restrictions.

There is no program version of the abbreviated logo.

These illustrations describe some, but not all, potential misuses you should avoid.

Startupbootcamp Logo Misuse


Color is an integral part of our brand identity. Consistent use of the color palette helps differentiate, build associations and keep our brand strong.

The primary colors are used in all offline and online assets:

  • Digital: Websites and Social Media
  • Events: Demo Days, Selections Days, Alumni Summits etc
  • Stationery: Business cards, Letterheads
  • Merchandise: T-shirts, Hats, Pens, Stickers

When using our colors please make sure you use the correct Hex code as CMKY may differ depending on the software you are using.

The secondary colors are complementary to our primary colors. They’re designed to add variety to designs but should not be the dominant colors.

Startupbootcamp Colors
Startupbootcamp Colors

Startupbootcamp Accelerator Programs

We currently have 20+ programs around the world: from FoodTech, Internet of Things, Fintech, Smart Cities to Smart Energy and more designed to support ambitious early-stage companies scale in the most relevant industries to their startup.


See all our program pages:

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