Startupbootcamp Blockchain Acceleration

Startupbootcamp Blockchain Acceleration

About the Blockchain Initiative

It is our belief that using a Securitized Token to raise funds, will drastically change the way we fund and scale companies.

In a proper setup, a securitized token can be beneficial towards investors and founders at the same time. A founder needs to raise once and can focus on the execution, an investor automatically releases the money based on proven milestones. Startupbootcamp wants to play an important role in determining the right legal setup, validating the market and setting up the smart contract which automatically releases the funds.

To test this, we have decided to run an experiment at our Amsterdam office with 4 Dutch based companies who will use blockchain technology to raise funds and setup their legal framework.

Participants enhances a sense of security by easily connecting neighbors, police and IoT alarm systems without compromising privacy. They educate people on crime prevention, creating vigilance and decreasing burglary rates. This gives them a unique position in the insurance chain.

Eyevestor is ready to give global equity liquidity. A simple, accessible service platform for businesses, shareholders and investors. Owners set their own market terms and stay in control. It is the complete stakeholder management and investment solution for SME equity

Smilo combines the public and private features of the Blockchain within its core. They provide options for public and private transactions and also provide public and private smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Voltogo brings the perfect and portable battery for boats and the world’s first boat rapid charging network in restaurants on the waterside, with already 100% coverage in Amsterdam. Finally, you’ll have the capacity and freedom to enjoy a fantastic silent boat experience for as long as you want.