Your Most Frequent Questions Answered

About The Application

When can I apply to a Startupbootcamp Program?

We run many accelerator programs all over the world, each has a specific industry focus and is open for applications during a 3-month timeframe.

Quickest way to determine which program is open for application and relevant to your startup is on the homepage where all of our programs are sorted by ‘open for applications’, ‘running accelerators’ and ‘rebooting’

How do I apply to a Startupbootcamp program?

All of our programs have an individual application form on the F6S application system. Although each program has a unique form, all questions are the same for each program.

If you know the accelerator program you want to apply to, simply click on the “Apply Now’ button on the program’s dedicated page and you’ll be redirected to its relevant F6S application page.

To start your application process, all you need to do is login to F6S using your LinkedIn account, Facebook profile, or email address.

What happens after I submit an application?

Once you’ve submitted your application, Startupbootcamp program team will review your submission. If an initial fit exists between your startup and our program, we will get in touch to arrange a Skype interview.

After Skype interview/s, if we see a good match you will be invited to join a 3-day Selection Days event at the program location. During Selection Days, you’ll receive pitch coaching, mentor preparation, and business model canvas training in addition to meeting over 50 mentors, investors, and partners.

When will I know about being invited to Selection Days?

If you’re invited to Selection Days we try to let you know at least 1 week in advance so you can plan accordingly. In most cases, we will already have been in touch within 2 weeks of applications closing for an initial video chat if we find there’s a match between your startup and the program.

About FastTrack Events

I’ve been invited to attend a FastTrack event, what does that mean?

Well, it means you’ve either applied to a Startupbootcamp program and impressed us, or have been recommended to us by our network of alumni, mentors, partners, and investors.

How does joining a FastTrack help me?

By joining a FastTrack, you’ll have direct access for face-to-face meetings with top mentors from our ecosystem. A key member of a Startupbootcamp program hosts each FastTrack who can also provide you with information about the program and our global ecosystem.

How can I join a FastTrack event?

We host over 100 FastTracks annually in 35 countries, so there is plenty of opportunities to join one.

If you’re interested in joining a FastTrack, visit our events page where you’ll find a short form to complete that puts you in the running to attend. We’ll be visiting your city or a city near you soon!

About The Team

Can I apply as a single founder?

First and foremost we love working with founders who are passionate about solving a big problem and have taken the first steps to building something that customers find valuable.

While we have found that teams with multiple co-founders are able to dramatically improve their acceleration over the short 3-month program, we do occasionally invest in single founders. Typically a single founder has a product with customer traction and is actively seeking a co-founder, which we help them bring on board.

What stage of a startup are you looking for?

We accelerate a variety of startups at different stages. Typically the earliest stage a startup enters our program is A) having a core team with diverse skill sets in place, and B) has a product built that initial customers are using.

About The Location

Can I take part of the program without moving to the program city?

All startups that join our programs must have the majority of their team including the CEO located in the program city for the full 3 months.

We’ve found the only way to fully leverage our program’s extensive network is to immerse your team in the program and engage in-person with the full ecosystem of mentors, partners, investors, and other program startups.

Do I need to stay in that city after the program is finished?

While we heavily encourage startups to spend at least 3 months in the program city after the program to fully leverage the connections made, this decision is entirely up to you. Many teams decide to stay and run their business from the program city, while others move back to their original location or even a new city,

Will you help with Visas?

We do provide visa and other logistical support (living, bank accts, etc) to each team entering the program. Each country’s visa requirement is, of course ,unique, but we have close connections to the local and federal government to ensure securing residency is as smooth as possible.

Is accommodation provided part of the program?

We typically don’t directly provide accommodation as part of the program. However, we do provide in-depth support to help you find accommodation so the moving process as painless as possible. Once a team has been selected to join a program, we will assign you a team member who will support you with all logistics of your move.

About The Program

How long is the program?

All our programs last 3 months, typically between 10-14 weeks.

I have other commitments, so can I join the program for less than 3 months?

When you are selected to join your full team is expected to make a 100% commitment to being on-site for the full 3-month program duration.

What’s the program deal?

First off during the 3-month program you’ll meet the most targeted mentors, investors, and partners in your industry. In addition, each startup receives €15K in cash, €450K+ in partner services, 6 months of free collaborative office space. Most programs also have industry-specific deals found on their program page.

For the above program benefits, we ask for between 6-8% equity.

What happens during the program?

We focus on accelerating each part of your business over an intense 3-month timeframe. Startups gain an immense amount of condensed experience through hands-on mentoring, connections to extremely targeted industry insiders, and exposure to investors and the press contacts.

Programs conclude with Demo Day, a celebration where you’ll have a chance to showcase your business to an audience of over 400 investors, partners, mentors, media, and the local ecosystem.

What happens after the program?

Once graduated, you’ll become part of the Alumni Growth program, which provides you with a continued access to a global ecosystem of founders and mentors.

I have more questions!

Feel free to get in touch with the program you’re interested in by visiting the program page where you’ll find a ‘Contact Us’ link.

For non-program related questions, you can find relevant contact details here.