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Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin invites you to the Term Sheet Battle!

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On this evening we are bringing light to a complicated process that normally happens behind closed doors under heavy confidentiality – a live negotiation between a VC investor, and startup founder and his legal advisor seeking to agree on a term sheet for an investment.

A moderator leads this session and explains the different parts of a term sheet ensuring that the parties involved in the business transaction are in agreement.

A term sheet lays the groundwork for ensuring that the parties involved in a business transaction are in agreement on most major aspects of the deal. It also ensures that expensive legal charges involved in drawing up a binding agreement or contract are not incurred prematurely.

Rules about who is in control, such as the composition of the board and who has the first right to take over shares are included.

This event is totally free, however, you must register quickly to get your place.


17:30 – Doors Open

18:00 – Event Starts

20:00 – Event Ends

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10 November, 2017
6:00 pm
- 8:00 pm



Mindspace Krausenstraße

Krausenstraße 9-10
Berlin, 10117 Germany

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