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To watch the highlights from our 2017 Demo Day, you can read our post-demo day recap blog and watch our after video.

It is time for another unique InsurTech Demo Day

Join us for Startupbootcamp InsurTech’s Demo Day, showcasing our ten startups and one startup in residence and celebrating the transformation they have gone through and the results they have achieved since the beginning of the program in January.

Last year, we experienced mini eruptions caused by new market entrants impacting an insurance market ripe for change. Last year’s catalyst is this year’s reaction. This year, we see collaboration and enablement. We see a bridge gradually being built to connect two converging parties.

We see Synthesis.

Synthesis is fusing the traditional and the new, incumbents and startups, and two complementary worlds supported by digital technology and new ways of doing things. And this synthesis is yielding a collaborative, connected world – it’s shaping intelligent insurance.

At Demo Day, you will see each of these startups in action, hear their story, and, afterward, you will be able to meet and speak with them directly. Most importantly, you will become a key link in the quickly shifting landscape of insurance and experience an afternoon of learning, interaction, and networking.

Seats at the event will be limited, so please sign-up early and secure your place.

To get an idea of what to look forward to, watch last year’s Demo Day video.

Be a part of the story here.

On the day, you will meet our 10 startups and 1 startup in residence…


Adapt Ready’s risk intelligence platform transforms risk data with predictive analytics into actionable intelligence, enabling insurers to help insureds better anticipate and mitigate risks, reduce claims, create new products, and optimize the loss ratio by making data-driven decisions.


Aerobotics is a data focused drone company. They have developed one of the foremost aerial data analytics platforms — applying machine learning to multi-spectral images to provide insight and competitive advantage to farmers. The company is now targeting crop the insurance market — their mission: applying aerial analytics to improve accuracy and lower costs in crop insurance.


AIMO has invented a technology that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D camera sensors to measure and analyze human movement. The solution can disrupt a number of industries by replacing human expert movement analysis with automated scans.

Emerge helps insurance companies to make money from insurance operations. We do this through a SaaS solution that delivers bespoke machine-learning models across the customer value chain. Our models are very accurate and quick to build. We work in partnership with consulting companies and/or directly with corporates.


Insure A Thing (IAT) will provide a platform turning insurance as we know it on its head. IAT aims to reverse the trust relationship with retail customers by only earning fees when acting in their best interests, settling claims. There are no upfront payments or premiums, instead at the end of each month claims are settled for a group (risk pool) plus a fee. The cost for each individual member is capped by a reinsurance contract (meaning that any cost over a certain limit will be paid by the reinsurer). Thus, the consumer has confidence that the maximum they will ever pay will be the same as a traditional insurance policy but if claims performance is better than expected everyone will share in that improvement. Consumers are also incentivized to behave in the right way, reducing the number of claims.


The NuvaLaw platform reduces interRparty costs between insurers by reducing both the number and cost of litigated claims – and therefore the required, regulated reserves. Our first focus areas: 1) A digital negotiation platform between motor vehicle insurers, both in SA and UK. The platform introduces collaboration tools, legal business rules, automated workflows, decision support and KPI measurements to, what is currently, an unstructured and unmanaged environment. 2) An Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for the adjudication of personal injury claims to qualified adjudicators. Offshoring to lowerRcost jurisdictions is also possible.


PORT is a cloud based platform as a service (PaaS) that gives people control of their personal information to enable better relationships with businesses.


Sharenjoy is the world’s first crowdsourced for millennials attending entertainment events: we insure experiences at low cost and on the go.

TikkR is a third party insurance processor that provides short-duration, bundled insurance solutions that integrates with user lifestyles by providing protection during periods wherein they perceive rise (e.g., while cycling, running, commuting, etc.)

Track Active - Logo

TrackActive provides insurers, their health providers, and customers a health platform to optimize rehabilitation from injury, assist in the prevention of injury and chronic disease comorbidities, such as arthritis, diabetes and mental health disorders, and facilitate the ongoing self management of health.

Our startup in residence…


CBien, meaning “Your Assets”, enables individuals to create an inventory of the possessions that are the most important in their lives. CBien is an asset management platform and a marketplace for consumers to capture and manage their assets in one place. Its visual display enables users to upload, value, insure, claim, rent, give and sell those assets you own at the touch of a button. These could be many or few such as a picture or a camera. A watch or a laptop. A bike or a car. An expensive pair of shoes or a designer dress.

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