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Are you the next Big Thing in Digital Health?

If yes, come and meet us! We, Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin, are in Athens on 26 August, to interact with high potential startups in Digital Health, in association with Health 2.0 Athens & Found.ation.

What is a FastTrack?

A fast track is like a mini 20-minute version of the Startupbootcamp experience. The goal of this event is to offer startups the opportunity to present their ideas to experienced industry experts and get valuable feedback and advice on their ideas. You also get a chance to know more about Startupbootcamp Digital Health, Berlin, and how can you benefit from it. Our experts are experienced mentors and investors who love to connect with startups and share valuable industry insights.

We select teams that we wish to invite to the FastTrack. So the earlier you apply, the better your chances in being selected for the FastTrack.

Why should I apply?

  • Valuable insights and feedback from experts in Healthcare industry and Digital Health, which can set off your business in the right trajectory
  • Networking with some of the best Digital Health startups in your city
  • Increased chances of being selected for the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin program.

Who should apply?

We invite all startups to apply, who are working in Digital Health space. If you would like to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in your city, get expert advice and feedback on your business idea, and get experience of the unique accelerator energy, this is an event for you.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for high potential startups working on healthcare and health-related technologies, with focus on behavior change, diagnostics and genomics, big data and analytics. These main focus areas can lead to more individually tailored care in doctor-patient relationships, providing scientific data insights that can lead to cost-cutting in health care systems. Other focus areas include Telemedicine, Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) connecting Patient/Provider/Payor, Disease progression incl. software enhanced pharmaceuticals and  therapeutics (eg. Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Mental Health, Women’s Health) Remote Monitoring and Personalised Medicine. All these fields cumulatively enhance experience of Patient Journey.

Or you could belong to none of this, and still be awesome. Surprise us with your innovation, and join us in the FastTrack. Apply here.

Just fill out a small application form here. We’ll inform you at least 2 days before the event if you’ve been selected to attend. If your team is planning to fly in to attend the FastTrack session, you can request an early evaluation to better accommodate your travel schedule. Feel free to reach out to us over email, incase of any other queries too.

On the day of the FastTrack you will be asked to give a short presentation (maximum 10 minutes) regarding your company.  Successful presentations include the following:

1)A quick Summary of the idea

2)Problem –  What is the problem you are tackling? If you cannot convince an investor there’s something broke, they will not be interested in a solution.

3) Solution- What is the solution you are presenting to solve this problem?

4)Market size- How many would need/use the service? WIll this increase year on year?

5)Competition – Who are they?

6) Team – Who is the team? What is their background?

You can meet the following mentors on this FastTrack.

Hakim Taalba-025

Hakim TaalbaData Intelligence Business Unit Manager, Arvato


Thanos KosmidisCo-founder & CEO, Care Across

elena barna

Elena BarlaCo-Founder & CEO at Among Doctors


Jannis Kalantzakis‎Co-founder & CEO, mylivingrecord®

Carine Kessaci-008

Carine KessaciCRM Healthcare Director, Arvato


Homer PapadopoulosR&D Manager at NCSR Demokritos

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 17.41.54

Ioannis KontosGeneral Secretary at Municipality of Kallithea

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 16.48.07

Lina NikolopoulouManaging Director eHealth Forum


Benno GroosmanCo-founder Surge-on Medical & Founder Startups

Prof. Dr. Maria SkouroliakouProf. in Harokopio University of Athens

Juliane Zielonka, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin

Any questions?

You can email us on, or catch us on Twitter via @sbcHealth

We’d also like to remind you that we are accepting applications for our 2016 accelerator program. Please apply for the program HERE.


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26 August, 2016



ATHENS, 118 54 Greece

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