FoodTech Rome Selection Days 2018

About Selection Days

This July, on 25th and 26th, the top 18 teams and the best mentors of the global foodtech and agritech industry will be invited to Rome for the final step of our selection process!

During this two-day event, 100 highly qualified mentors will coach, evaluate and rank attending startups to help us select the final 10 teams that will participate in 2018 Startupbootcamp FoodTech acceleration program.

Are you curious to know how it will end?

Winner teams will be announced live on our Facebook page at 6 pm CEST! Get a reminder to view the live streaming of the announcement! 



9.00: Registration & Coffee 9.30: Introductions 10.00: 3-minute Pitches on Stage 11.15: Coffee Break 11.45: Speed Dating (3) 13.15: Lunch 14.30: Speed Dating (4) 16.30: Coffee Break 17.00: Speed Dating (3) 18.30: Drinks and Networking


9.00: Registration & Coffee 9.30: Introductions 10.00: 1-Minute Pitches on Stage 10.30: Speed Dating (5) 13.00: Lunch 14.00: Speed Dating (5) 16.30: Coffee & Networking 17.00: Committee 18.00: Winners Announcement 19.00: Celebration Cocktail

Presenting Startups

5 Rivers

Location: The Netherlands Website: Description: 5 Rivers delivers agri-supply chain solutions that help farmers and agri-businesses improve their bottom line: economically, environmentally, and socially. Its global, digital ledger system tracks crop yields and ensures quality control in the food supply chain.


Location: Turkey Website: Description: ACMUS is building TOAST IT: a Smart, Toasted Sandwich Vending Machine that gives you 7/24 access to tasty, hot and healthy food in just a minute.


Location: India Website: Description: Authenticook is connecting locals and travelers over unique culinary experiences hosted by local families. Traveling like a local was never made easier!

Berlin Green

Location: Germany Website: Description: Berlin Green introduces hydroponics and indoor gardening to our everyday life. Its modular, smart and cloud-integrated system will help you master indoor gardening without any effort.


Location: Italy Website: Description: BIOerg is able to commercialize a high molecular-weight dextran called NextDext. Nextdext is a high-quality, low-cost natural ingredient with applications in many applications in nutraceutical and food industries.


Location: South Korea Website: Description: Catalonix is building an urban farming device that automatically grows plants of your choice in your own house. With this cutting-edge IOT and AI system, growing organic and safe food becomes easier than ever.

Dessy Gelati

Location: Italy Website: Description: Dessy Gelati offers the ultimate ice cream without guilt! Thanks to Dessy Gelati, you can keep on enjoying your ice cream while keeping up with your low-calorie weight-loss, high protein or high energy diet.


Location: Poland Description: Dreamfit builds the perfect mechanism to prepare easy-to-do and hygienic shakes. Replacing powder with capsules, Dreamfit will revolutionize your life at the gym!

Eco Pack

Location: Russia Website: Description: Eco Pack provides biodegradable packaging films based on vegetable raw materials with a cost of 1$/kg. The company is here to reduce all the costs and the environmental contamination related to use of hydrocarbon plastics.


Location: United Kingdom Website: Description: Farm-r is a P2P/ 2B marketplace that allows farmers to share machinery and services. It aims to solve the machinery underutilization in the agriculture industry by providing on-demand access to machinery in just a few clicks.

Hotbox Food

Location: Italy Website: Description: Hotbox invented a groundbreaking device & service for the food delivery sector. The device preserves the food hot and fresh during the delivery and the service enables a scooter sharing platform.


Location: Colombia Website: Description: Houspoon is a web app that is turning home kitchens into social restaurants to meet real people in a unique environment and empowering cooks and chefs to earn money from home.

Insight Sensor

Location: Italy Website: Description: Insight Sensor builds a personal gardening assistant: Gardy. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and IoT, Gardy will save your plants and help you become the best gardener ever!

Mushroom Cups

Location: Croatia Website: Description: Mushroom Cups is creating the mushroom infused coffee that naturally boosts and prolongs the coffee experience while minimizing the side effects. Taking advantage of the impressive power of mushrooms, Mushroom Cups is ready to disrupt the coffee industry!


Location: United Kingdom Website: Description: Ötzibrew brings the highest quality natural products – starting with medicinal mushrooms – to the market in a user-friendly and environmentally conscious way.

Poirot Systems

Location: Estonia Website: Description: Poirot Systems offers fast and flawless inventory management for the hospitality industry. Replacing manual labor done with pen and paper, Poirot Systems will help bars & kitchens save time, money, paper and have a full grip on their operations.


Location: Spain Website: Description: Vaartani is building a pre-trained AI model, which can understand, classify and answer consumer queries related to packaged-food products. With Vaartani, brands will easily satisfy consumers’ need for information.


Location: Poland Website: Description: Waiter4me is a cloud-based SaaS application that replaces the waiter in your restaurant. With Waiter4me, all the processes of booking a table, ordering, payment, and feedback become flawless. No more waiting for the waiter, no more unsatisfied customers!


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