SBC Scale Osaka Themes: What We Are Looking For

SBC Scale Osaka Themes: What We Are Looking For

04-Jun-2020 by Meghan Bridges

The Scale Osaka program has gotten some amazing traction so far, and while we are approaching the end of our Early Bird application period, we are diving into the themes of the program.


As Early Bird Applications close in a couple of days, we want to take some time to explore the range of themes that we are focusing on for the SBC Scale Osaka program.

With seven corporate partners, all targeting smart city and living technology, the range of topics we are scouting for is rather varied, with each partner targeting different areas to play with their strengths and capabilities.

As we operate within the Smart Cities and Living themes, we are searching for startups in some of the following categories:


Although we encourage Sustainable technology in all areas, it is not a requirement for the program, so do not let it discourage you from applying.


As we seek promising startups in these categories, we also want to introduce the some key players with some of these themes.


Hankyu is a major player in the Osaka ecosystem, contributing to lots of smart city and innovative projects around the prefecture. After working on 5 PoCs in our previous cycle, Hankyu are looking to collaborate on technologies that focus on Property, Smart Buildings, Retail, Transport & Mobility, Smart City Planning (GIS) and Travel. They are also interested in working in areas within Health, Wellbeing & Fitness, Media, Sports, Education and more.


JR West is a key element to the transport and development infrastructure of Western Japan. With their innovation arm, they worked on two projects in our previous cycle, and are looking to work with TravelTech, Transport & Mobility, RetailTech, Proptech and Smart Buildings startups. They are also exploring the possibility of working with Smart City Planning (GIS), HR & Workforce Management, Media Tech, Wellbeing and Fitness, HealthTech startups in specific areas.


The Yomiuri Shimbun is a media giant in Japan, with branches in various different business sectors. After working on four PoCs last year, they are looking to achieve some great results this year within SportsTech, MediaTech, Smart Buildings, Transport & Mobility, Smart City Planning (GIS) and TravelTech. They are also open to exploring new technology within certain areas of HR & Workforce Management, Wellbeing & Fitness, FoodTech and Education.


Sakura Internet is an IT and media company, supplying IT services as their main business. They are eager to explore technology in Smart City Planning (GIS) and Transport & Mobility. They are also willing to look into technology within HealthTech, Smart Buildings, PropTech, Education and Wellbeing & Fitness if it is a good match with them.


As well as these amazing partners, we have three more partners seeking smart city and living startups within the categories listed above. You can learn more about last year’s PoCs, as well as our partners on last year’s Virtual Demo Day website.


For the opportunity to work with these great partners we encourage you to sign up to our program now. Based on last year’s results, we have learnt that startups that apply early are five times more likely to be selected for the program due to the longer amount of time they have to build a relationship with our partners during the interview period.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Learn more and sign up to our program now:


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