Startupbootcamp founders leveraging the COVID-19 crisis

Startupbootcamp founders leveraging the COVID-19 crisis

04-May-2020 by Romée van Lotringen

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been in close contact with our founders, collaborating, and navigating them through the COVID-19 crisis. Likewise, we organized a Peer2Peer session (for the main takeaways, click here), and we will organize various webinars (keep an eye on our LinkedIn channel as more info will follow shortly).

We are very proud of them for providing help with either their existing solutions or pivoting, and continuously finding creative ways of reaching customers, getting investment, and support.

We have been creating an overview of hundreds of initiatives ranging from different domains, from 30+ countries. Within this blog post, we share the solutions provided by the Startupbootcamp alumni who have or have been following one of our Amsterdam-based accelerators: Commerce, FinTech & CyberSecurity, Media, or Smart City & IoT. We will continuously reflect on and update this list.

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Bundleboon secures investment on Dragons’ Den

Bundleboon – a unique customer experience tailored to fit the needs of the new generation of parents by offering them personal styled outfits for their children – had their first Dutch television appearance! Their pitch on Dragons’ Den aired on NPO1 (read more here). It had 1.4M viewers and it was ranked the 4th most watched show on Dutch television. As a result, the traffic on their website and box orders peaked to a level they had never experienced before.
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Deko Eko upcycles protective masks 

Deko Eko – an upcycling platform which cooperates with local designers to convert the company’s waste into well-designed consumer products – helps employers take care of their employees in the most sustainable way during the coronacrisis. They do so by upcycling outdated clothing collections, workwear, or old seasonal textiles into sustainable protective masks in cooperation with Social Enterprise.
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Epiqur created HQ live-streaming solution

Epiqur – an end-to-end live streaming solution focusing on live events – provides the easiest and the most affordable high-quality live streaming solution by its IoT solution – EPIQUR Gear and related cloud services –, which replaces €5k-20k of equipment. On its unique platform, it also allows streamers to monetize their events and enjoy a special user experience focusing events to increase user engagement.
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Iristrace helping hospitals during COVID-19

Iristrace – the leading mobile-first solution to perform audits and inspections – now offers mobile control procedures to mitigate and contain coronavirus related risks. With these procedures, teams learn to focus on essential information and prioritize the actions.
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JetLink launches Support Program

A.I. powered central communication platform JetLink offers comprehensive enterprise chatbots to automate customer conversations. To contribute during COVID-19, they trained their chatbots for specific industries, and they launched a Support Program, offering non-profit organizations their live chat technology for free. Besides, JetLink also developed a video chat functionality to facilitate better communication between the support team and customers. At last, they created a specific COVID-19 web-page, providing information about how to support your customers with your team.
Check out their COVID-19 web-page >>

MobieTrain helps to prevent further spreading of COVID’19 by sharing knowledge

MobieTrain, who recently raised 1.8 million for their microlearning app, now offers a free learning track, covering essential information about the COVID-19 virus. This information includes the WHO guidelines, safety regulations and hygienic measures.
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Nokues limits physical interaction at checkouts

Nokues – another startup selected for the Commerce 2020 program – enables customers to order and pay through their app and pick up their orders without queueing. Like PayByFace, Nokeus limits the physical interaction at checkouts – a solution more relevant than ever.
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Orbit launches Startup Program

AR ed-tech platform Orbit pivoted their solution from an in-classroom learning tool to an e-classroom learning tool, helping to hold summer camps and webinars as well. In addition, Orbit offers their ‘Orbit Startup Program’ to help other startups and organizations to pivot their solution according to the time of need.
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PayByFace launches a completely contactless payment method

One of the startups selected for our Commerce 2020 program, PayByFace, just launched a complete contactless version of their Facial Recognition payment method for home-delivery services. This new version does not require any interaction from the customer standing at the door while taking payments.
Check out the Demo Video >>

PickThisUp helping webshop with delivery

PickThisUp helps people who are looking for an affordable delivery solution to get in contact with (self-employed) couriers who are already on the road. Filling up empty space in vehicles. During COVID-19, PickThisUp gets in touch with webshops to help them with delivering big, bulky and strange items. With their business solution, it is possible to book a courier for any kind of job.
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PointCheckout helps with online payments

Over the past three weeks, PointCheckout – a dedicated online payment provider for loyalty and rewards points – developed and launched two new solutions that are focussed on payments; first, ThePayLink: a simple mobile app that allows business owners to accept online payments from their customers via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc. And second, offering restaurants the ability to sell gift vouchers for future usage. Besides, they were part of the #EUvsVirus Hackathon and won the challenge ‘Speed-up distribution of financial support’ with their innovative solution using its digital wallet platform to tackle the distribution of support funds in an efficient way to citizens – congratulations!
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Sendcloud helping webshops grow

Europe’s number 1 shipping platform for e-commerce, Sendcloud is growing faster than ever. With their all-in-1 shipping software, they connect webshops to different carriers and shipping options to optimize their process of sending. Hereby, Sendcloud helps e-commerce businesses save time, effort,  money and grow.
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ShopMe by the founders of RefundMe: turns your phone into a self-checkout device 

RefundMe – the platform that digitizes the VAT refund process – now has a pivot using their existing technology: ShopMe. This app turns your phone into a self-checkout device. This reduces shopping time and prevents operational bottlenecks caused by social distancing (i.e. queues, staff hesitance to help customers, etc.).
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Smart distance awareness device Aura Aware by the founders of TryLikes

Aura Aware, by the founders of TryLikes, is a smart distance awareness device reminding your employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing – fitting the needs of these times perfectly. Staying 6 feet apart simply doesn’t come naturally.
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24sessions helps professionals in Healthcare

To help out professionals in Healthcare, 24sessions launched a free version of their video calling solution. With this secure and easy-to-use solution, specially designed for customer contact, you can get started right away.
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Enclave by the founders of Westgate helps to secure communications

Enclave, by the founders of Westgate Cyber, helps everyone working remotely to do so in a more secure manner, which is even more secure than VPN. Besides, Enclave is both simpler to set up as well as more agile. The SBC network can use Enclave for free for 1 month, helping you to get through this period of social distancing. If you would like to be matched with any of the companies,
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Tytonical helps retailers survive COVID-19

These days, many retailers are struggling to fulfil online orders. Besides, click and collect services are no longer being viable. To help retailers survive COVID-19, FinTech & CyberSecurity cohort 2020 startup Tytonical now installs their technology for free for any retailer who wants to offer a ‘deliver-to-vehicle’ service in place of regular click & collect.
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MEDIA contributes with many talks on the current crisis turns radio into an audio social network and converts social networks into radio. Currently, Yourtalk has many talks on the COVID-19 crisis available, in which those affected can exchange ideas and support.
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Careibu provides the elderly with free help

Social care community Careibu initiated a corona project for the elderly, by which they offer free help nationwide from students to elderly people.
Read more about the project (in Dutch only) >>

Mela Works helps with digitizing field works

Mela Works is helping companies to digitise field work. Mela makes construction and field activities smart, allowing field workers to document jobs easily, collaborate more effectively and generate reports instantly. As a result, field workers are able to work remotely, without always being in the field. Companies benefit from more information of higher quality, fewer errors and greater efficiency –  all while saving money.
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Scylla helps to detect Elevated Body Temperature

Scylla – building next-gen A.I. solutions designed with first responders in mind – launched a new product that monitors people’s body temperature to detect people with fever and prevents the coronavirus spreading using a thermal camera, but with better precision and for less cost.
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ProctorExam helps with remote examination requirements

ProctorExam – the leading online proctoring services platform – has set up a procedure to support institutions and organisations with remote examination requirements. Via webinars, ProctorExam provides information and addresses questions about using ProctorExam during this period.
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Quicargo helps with expanding carrier network

Quicargo improves efficiency in the road freight industry by connecting trucks with unused cargo space to shippers who need transportation of goods. Their mission: no empty trucks. In the current crisis, more and more carriers have had to reduce the size of their truck fleets or part ways with charters in order to cope with lower and less predictable demand, whilst Quicargo is actually expanding its carrier network. By doing so, the scale-up is able to offer flexible solutions for every transport need.
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Tespack helps to educate in rural areas

Tespack, a company specialized in mobile energy, combines the latest technology, solar, and connectivity to create different Smart Wear for different activities. Their solution is being used by NGOs to educate about the COVID19 in rural areas, where there is a lack of electricity. With Tespack’s Solar Media Backpack, the communities can turn any space (including open spaces) into smart classrooms by powering the integrated projector, speakers and a laptop. Besides, their software platform sends SOS alerts to local authorities if someone in the village has COVID-19 symptoms  and tracks the energy consumption and solar energy generated.
Check them out how it works >>

Tradler helps to better engage with your team while working remotely

Tradler – a SaaS solution designed to improve employee engagement, experience and provide leaders and managers with valuable insights – is offering their platform for free. By doing so, they want to help companies empower and better engage with their team while working remotely during COVID-19.
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Born in Germany, raised in France, she eventually settled in Amsterdam. Romée van Lotringen is internationally oriented, highly focused and hands-on - that’s why she does not hesitate to go a step further to achieve her goals. Her background includes roles with Total Design, Marie-Stella-Maris and bloomon in the fields of communication, content creation, social media, innovation and client management. Romée obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in Design, at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.