The future of smart energy is empowering Australian energy consumers to be more sustainable in their energy usage at the SBC EnergyAustralia 2020 Virtual Demo Day

The future of smart energy is empowering Australian energy consumers to be more sustainable in their energy usage at the SBC EnergyAustralia 2020 Virtual Demo Day

23-Apr-2020 by Phoebe Ellis

Australian Energy customers can look to a more sustainable future as the world-leading startup accelerator, Startupbootcamp (SBC) Virtual Demo Day unveils nine global smart energy startups who are empowering customers to be more informed, more in control, more sustainable, and more efficient.

The Demo Day was the celebration of a 3-month journey with an international audience, concluding the third year of the EnergyAustralia program. 

Accelerator programs are about bringing people together, sharing ideas, making connections and creating something new and exciting. I am very proud to say that we received over 1000 applications for this accelerator,” says CEO and Founder of Startupbootcamp Australia, Trevor Townsend. 

“I cannot thank the EnergyAustralia team enough for the hard work they have put into the startups over the past three years. Together, we have successfully put Melbourne on the map as a leading energy-focused ecosystem.”  

This program was the most jam packed with 273 events over 95 days. The world changed two thirds of the way through the program and with it we saw rapid pivots. Seven of the startups returned home to their families. The program workshops and events went 100% virtual for the first time including Demo Day.

“We have been amazed by the resolve and resilience of our community, to embrace the change and challenge of going 100% digital, of keeping the momentum going, and in the process, doing our bit in making the world a better place,” says Trevor Townsend 

Demo Day was attended by VIPs from across government, business, the energy industry and the Australian and international startup communities. Along with the pitches, the startups shared some exciting announcements and revealed that a total of 16 signed agreements so far with our partners including EnergyAustralia and DiUS. 

“I’ve been a part of countless global accelerator programs, but this one will certainly be one of the most memorable,” says Executive Program Director Richard Celm.

Startup founders live with complexity, uncertainty and risk – but this program, this time has taken that to a whole new level. And haven’t they responded. I couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve accomplished over the past three months.”

The event saw keynote addresses from some of the top energy minds in Australia, such as EnergyAustralia CEO and Managing Director, Catherine Tanna, Division director at Macquarie Capital, Brian Morris and Executive Director of Energy Strategy Division, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Ralph Griffiths.

“I hope as nations come together to beat this pandemic, we build a global muscle for sharing and developing big ideas wherever they spring up. Startupbootcamp is a glimpse of that world,”  says CEO and Managing Director of EnergyAustralia, Cath Tanna. “The ideas we see today mean resilience, which will be highly praised in a post-corona world. I believe that the demo day couldn’t have come at a better time, it’s a timely reminder that the future is still out there and it’s exciting.” 

Post-event investors had exclusive digital access to the startups to ask questions and discuss opportunities. 

Our 2020 cohort that presented at SBC Australia’s Smart Energy Virtual Demo Day were:


  • 17TeraWatts – Their software app ‘Bohdi’ keeps solar homeowners informed and allows them to monitor the performance of their solar investment.


  • Renbloc – Renbloc allows consumers to control what type of energy they consume by providing transparency from source to consumption.


  • Machine Dreams – Their software generates super high-resolution photos of assets, automates labelling, and simulates defects at a fraction of the time and cost to conventional machine learning processes.


  • GenGame – By gamifying your utility bills, GenGame saves money, time and CO2 for households by making it easy and enjoyable for homeowners to engage with their energy use.


  • Energy Master – Energy Master´s intelligence software manages and analyses businesses’ utility bills, empowering corporations to make the best decisions concerning utility consumption.


  • ELDO – ELDO Meterstack is a consumer centric energy data marketplace that increases both the value and accessibility of utility data, while empowering the consumer to take back control.


  • Energos – Energos develops hardware, software, and uses behavioural science to manage distributed energy resources with minimal human interference.


  • BEAD – BEAD is an AI-based software and hardware system that analyses human behavior and learns buildings’ real-time occupancy data to optimize operations.


  • LiquidStar – Liquidstar is replacing liquid fuel with battery-powered Mobile Virtual Grids for the 1.1 billion people who have little access to power. 


The startups may be at the end of their 3 month journey with SBC, but this is only the beginning of their journey to help create a cleaner, more sustainable future for us all. To find out more about our 2020 cohort, you can access the Startup Microsites here. 


If you missed the Virtual Demo Day and you are interested in hearing how these startups are disrupting the smart energy space, follow this link to watch the event replay here.


The Smart Energy program would not be possible without the continued support of our corporate partners EnergyAustralia, DiUS, Ausnet Services, Spotless Group and our supporting partners City of Melbourne, The Australian and Victorian Government, KHQ Lawyers, YBF Ventures, Pitcher partners, Amazon Web Services, Affix, Airwallex, 6Clicks and CoSec.


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