Power-cut or Power stack?

Power-cut or Power stack?

21-Feb-2020 by Phoebe Ellis

How MeterStack is energising the transparency of customer data in South African and Australian utility networks.


Eskom, is South Africa’s largest state owned enterprise accounting for 90% of all power generation. It owns the vast majority of electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure meaning it is one of the biggest threats to South Africa’s economy. 

Due to extortionate operating costs Eskom has driven their customers off grid and causing others to shut down. As a result, it is within grips of the ‘utility death spiral’ and has been forced to implement power cuts and outages pushing Africa’s most industrialised economy to the brink of recession last year.   

One solution to these electricity shortages is to move away from large, centrally-controlled systems such as Eskom and embrace the advent of data, decentralised networks and microgrids. This is being seen more and more as the energy sector moves towards the protection of consumer interests and data-related infrastructure. 

Enter ELDO! A South African-founded consumer-focused utility-tech company founded in 2013 and is part of SBC’s EnergyAustralia 2020 cohort. As energy networks are becoming more connected and transactional between them, gone are the days of monopolising a small number of centrally controlled generators and digitalisation of utilities is on the rise. 

ELDO has therefore created a customer centric Energy Data Marketplace called ‘MeterStack’ (MS). MS has enabled accelerated digitisation of utility networks such as electricity, water and gas distribution systems, infrastructure and services. It works by increasing the value and accessibility of utility data for customers while allowing them to take control of their data and incentivising them to share it. 

“ELDO is disrupting the Smart Energy sector driving our day to day lives towards a more efficient, connected, transparent and transactional utility future” says industry expert and General Manager at ELDO; Matt Owen. “All companies operating within the energy sector need seamless access to energy data to deliver on their value proposition. We felt there was a definite gap around data access in the Australian market. 

ELDO, is aiming to drive socio-economic impacts in the Australian utility and energy ecosystems through the use of MS while empowering consumers here in Australia to manage their usage, save their money and energy.