AI, Machine Learning and Energy… is it a Machine’s Dream?

AI, Machine Learning and Energy… is it a Machine’s Dream?


Bill Gates said if he had the chance to start life over, and make an impact on the world of today, he would consider AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Energy as the two fields. 

The capability of a computer to teach itself, learn and adapt through experience is known as machine learning. Artificial Intelligence applies Machine learning as well as deep learning and other tools, to solve real life problems and perform tasks that normally require human intelligence such as decision making and visual perception.

Machine learning has the potential to change the energy industry. In an article named ‘How Machine Learning can transform the Energy Industry’ it states that by applying machine learning algorithms; Xcel Energy saved their customers ‘US$60 million’ and reduced ‘CO2 emissions by more than a quarter of a million tons per year’. It also stated that within a year of Google acquiring machine learning algorithms, they boosted their wind energy value ‘by roughly 20%’ and advancement in this revolutionary technology is slowly bridging the gap between these two industries.  

Machine Dreams, is part of our EA20 program cohort and their aim is to ‘make the impossible, possible and the invisible, visible’ by building tools to make machine learning easier, more affordable and more accessible to anyone. 

They do this by using their revolutionary simulation engine ‘Morpheus’ to allow the development of photorealistic models, surface and environments. This perfectly captures a client’s assets and infrastructure and creates infinite variations for training computer vision machine learning models for things like defects or anomalies.

Having won the ‘Startup Pitch Award for Most Innovative Tech’ at the Mainstream Asset Conference a few months back and having been finalists at the AWC Machine Learning Pitch Event last month Machine Dreams has so much potential to disrupt the smart energy ecosystem. SBC’s EA20 accelerator program gives disruptive innovators like Machine Dreams the opportunity to network and collaborate with leading corporate partners and mentors in their relevant field while being exposed to customer discovery and help scale their industry-changing technology business.