Startupbootcamp selects in Milan the 11 best international startups in the fashion industry

Startupbootcamp selects in Milan the 11 best international startups in the fashion industry


In just 3 months, Startupbootcamp received more than 1200 applications from all over the world for the “FashionTech” program in Milan. On December 11th and 12th the finalist teams pitched their way for the 11 slots in the 13-weeks acceleration program.

Milan, December 13th 2019.  At the end of a global tour that lasted 2 months – during which the leading European accelerator engaged in more than 220 meetings with fashiontech startups in 13 fashion capitals – Startupbootcamp has selected the eleven international teams aspiring to disrupt the fashion industry: Aoiship, Bigthinx, GFAIVE, Namek, Obsess, Renoon, SKMMP, Staiy, Stylesearch, Ubique and Viume.

The 1200 innovations analysed cover the entire value chain, from products and business models for a more sustainable fashion, loudly demanded by new generations and regulators, digital solutions to optimize marketing and omni-channel sales, AI-powered tools to predict demand and reduce inventories and blockchain systems to track products and their authenticity.

17 international startups were invited to participate at the “Final Selection Days” in Milan on December 11th and 12th in the Startupbootcamp campus hosted by WeWork. The teams pitched their ideas to more than 150 professionals – managers of the program partner companies, mentors and investors – who, at the end of the meetings, selected the 11 teams that will join the 13-week acceleration journey, which will begin in January 2020 and end with the “Demo Day” in May.

The value of the program for the selected startups lies in the breadth and relevance of the ecosystem being built by Startupbootcamp: the many partner companies (Prada, Stone Island, a pool of textile brands coordinated by the Italian Textile Foundation, Accenture, PWC, Sopra Steria, DedaGroup Stealth, Unilever Fabric Care, WithersWorldwide and Comin&Partners), the international network of connected accelerators (eg., Fashion Tech Lab and The Luxury Institute in NY, VivaTech in Paris) and the community of experts, entrepreneurs and investors who, as mentors, will support the teams refining their solutions and developing them commercially and financially.

Alceo Rapagna, CEO Italy of Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps and The Talent Institute, and Stefano Galassi, Managing Director of the FashionTech program, commented:

“Combining the skills, passion and agility of young entrepreneurs with the ability of large companies to scale their solutions has always been the distinctive trait of Startupbootcamp. The response of international startups to our FashionTech accelerator has exceeded our expectations, confirming the attractiveness of our fashion sector for the world of technology. In the light of these results, a winning bet to open our operations in Italy, we will soon launch other projects in key sectors for the country.”

Nazzareno Mengoni, co-founder of Startupbootcamp in Italy, added:

“Innovation is the key with which companies can and must open the doors of their future. For this, we are proud to have brought this international innovation format to Italy and to have received the support of major fashion brands seeking new opportunities for professional development and business growth.”

The two days were attended by several guests, including the President of the National Chamber of Fashion, Carlo Capasa, the Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia, Emanuele Farneti, and Marco Gualtieri, founder – after Seeds&Chips – of Sustain&Ability, a company created to support the adoption of sustainable business models consistent with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and with which Startupbootcamp has recently formed a partnership.


Social media powered SaaS E-Commerce marketplace connecting customers, influencers, and fashion brands from Japan & Korea to a $500 Billion online market. 

Solution – Compensate Influencers via blockchain using Facebook Libra, integrating this closely with the E-Commerce shopping experience.

Human body scanning, 3D avatars, and clothing trials using only smartphone pictures.

Solution – Bigthinx’s B2B2C Lyfsize and Lyflike AI software carry out a 3D body scan using only two photos from a smartphone and calculate 44 precise body measurements and body composition ratios with over 95% accuracy.

ML-powered demand forecasting for retailers.

Solution – To deliver state-of-the-art machine learning services to leading retailers, by leveraging years of experience in data science and market needs.

  • Namek (Italy + Poland) 

Namek is an ecosystem that fosters influencers content production.

Solution – Connect brands and local businesses with the community of models-influencers to create authentic contents. 

An e-commerce platform that enables brands to turn their e-commerce websites to beautiful, branded, highly engaging experiences.

Solution – The e-commerce interface of the grid of thumbnails has not changed in 25 years when Amazon originally created it to sell books. The database-on-a-webpage is tedious makes all brands’ online presence look undifferentiated.

An online platform that aggregates sustainable fashion products.

Solution – Selected the fashion products following a sustainability framework that has material circularity as a focus.

SKMMP is a B2B plug and play Smart Showroom.

Solution – SKMMP digitizes the collection online, automating order documents and offers actionable data. The Digital showroom is connected to the Voice AI Api. The SMART showroom allows buyers to use voice AI to capture the order transaction.

Sustainable fashion platform with AI personalization.

Solution – Staiy connects customers with the right sustainable offering through disruptive user experience and personalization.

Next generation fashion search engine.

Solution – A search engine that uses Image Recognition technology to find similar garments across shops and artificial Intelligence to create instant outfits, combining the preferences and style of the shopper combined the latest fashion trends.

Bricks’ experience at a click’s convenience. 

Solution – A member’s exclusive white glove luxury fashion concierge service that brings personal shopping experience to your doorstep – at the convenience of a click.

AI-driven SaaS for online merchandising optimization and recommendation individualization.

Solution – AI-driven SaaS that integrates auto-tagging, visual search and recommender system to allow e-commerce managers to increase conversion and simplify the online purchase funnel.

About Startupbootcamp FashionTech

Startupbootcamp FashionTech is the first acceleration program for the fashion sector launched by Startupbootcamp. Based in Milan, the program will last for 3 years and will accelerate 30 high-potential startups from all over the world.

About Startupbootcamp

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp ( is one of the world largest startup accelerators focused on specific sectors – e.g., financial services, energy, health, media, commerce – and active with more than 20 hubs in all continents. 200 startups are selected every year from more than 20,000 applications, joining the fast-paced bootcamps working with the world’s largest companies in each sector and with a global network of mentors and investors.

Besides the startup accelerators, the parent group of Startupbootcamp operates the corporate innovation services of Innoleaps ( and talent-building of The Talent Institute (, all already active also in Italy.

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