Startupbootcamp Australia Presents 2020 Smart Energy Selection Days

Startupbootcamp Australia Presents 2020 Smart Energy Selection Days

03-Dec-2019 by Claudia DeFabio

After three and a half months of scouting, 27 events around the globe, and reviewing 1,007 applications, #SbcSelectionDays is officially here! We are excited to welcome 20 startups to Melbourne to present their businesses to our corporate partners, mentors, and guests. 

Program Director, Abdur-Raheem Bulbuliya, said,

“We are pleased to welcome the most diverse group of startups to Selection Days thus far, with teams from 13 different countries and every continent being represented. I am excited to engage with the teams, corporate partners, and mentors throughout the two-day event and together help the startups further shape the future of smart energy.”

Meet the 20 Teams Presenting at Selection Days: 

  • 17TeraWatt (Austin, USA)
    • 17TeraWatt’s Bodhi app helps solar companies engage homeowners and generate more referrals and follow-on sales.
  • AG Energy (Sydney, Australia)
    • AG Energy installs solar systems and provides customised PPAs for commercial customers in regional Australia.
  • BEAD (Berlin, Germany)
    • BEAD is an AI-based software and hardware system that measures buildings real-time occupancy data to optimise operations.
  • Bia (Barcelona, Spain)
    • Bia helps grids integrate renewable energy by virtually connecting their needs with the flexible capacity of electric vehicles.
  • Diagsense (Netanya, Israel)
    • DiagSense develops algorithms for predicting failures or abnormal behaviour in mechanical systems and pipelines.
  • Drone Nation (Ahmedabad, India)
    • Drone Nation provides aerial photogrammetry, survey, inspection and monitoring for Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure.
  • ELDO MeterStack (Sandton, South Africa)
    • ELDO MeterStack is creating an open-access marketplace for smart meter and utility device data.
  • Energos (Mumbai, India & Palo Alto, USA)
    • Energos use hardware, software, and behavioural science to manage distributed energy resources with minimal human interference.
  • Energy Master (Medellin, Colombia)
    • Energy Master’s business intelligence software empowers corporations to make the best decisions on utility consumption.
  • EnergySequence (Malaga, Spain)
    • Energy Sequence is an intelligent web platform that advises customers on energy saving and efficiency measures that are 80% cheaper and quicker than manual methods.
  • Enerlytics (Ahmedabad, India)
    • Enerlytics’ hardware and cloud-based platform helps solar asset owners optimise the performance of their assets.
  • FuseBox (Tallinn, Estonia)
    • FuseBox helps companies to significantly reduce energy costs and to earn income through participation in demand response.
  • GenGame (Leicester, United Kingdom)
    • GenGame uses design-led approaches to engage energy customers and provide a great user experience.
  • Liquidstar (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
    • Liquidstar is replacing liquid fuel with battery-powered Mobile Virtual Grids for the 1.1 billion people who have little access to power.
  • Machine Dreams (Melbourne, Australia)
    • Machine Dreams generates super high-resolution photos of assets, automates labelling, and simulates defects at a fraction of the cost to conventional machine learning processes.
  • Mycroft Mind (Brno, Czech Republic)
    • Mycroft Mind’s machine learning-based analytics and software helps utilities extract value from their data.
  • Piqify (Melbourne, Australia)
    • Piqify have designed an elegant visual communication platform for brands to engage with Gen Z and Millennials.
  • RenBloc (Stockholm, Sweden)
    • RenBloc allows consumers to control what type of energy they consume by providing transparency from source to consumption.
  • Rvolt (Berlin, Germany)
    • rvolt is a mobile app empowering everyone to participate in the energy transition through their “Play, Save, Earn” gamification features.
  • Starling Energy (Perth, Australia)
    • Starling Energy combines virtual power plants with a community-owned Energy as a Service model.

On 5 December, we will be announcing the 10 startups that will enter our 2020 smart energy program. Watch the live stream of this exciting moment on our Facebook at 3:30 PM AEST, here.

Claudia DeFabio