Meet the Mentor – Interview with Jassem Osseiran

Meet the Mentor – Interview with Jassem Osseiran

04-Dec-2019 by sarah-shokr
The Startupbootcamp Meet the Mentor series are interviews profiling inspiring stories from our extended network of mentors at Startupbootcamp. Today features Startupbootcamp FinTech Dubai mentor Jassem Osseiran.

Based in Dubai Jassem Osseiran is the co-founder of Global Investment and Management Associates (GIMA Group). Jassem supports entrepreneurs to stay on the right track, and build successful strategies.

Hello Jassem! Tell us more about your area of expertise and how did you get into the field?

I’m a venture builder at heart. Starting off my career at rocket internet, I was quickly exposed to plugging multiple business structures into different markets and then building scalability for growth. Failing fast and falling forward with a few businesses has allowed me to build a well-rounded operational acumen, which I now rely on when investing and advising projects across selected industries.

Were you mentored in your career? If so, what impact did this have on you? If not, why have you decided to embark on mentoring? 

I have always and continue to rely on mentorship to strengthen my path and seek advice on matters business and personal. I have the notion that if you find people that you can respect and hold to high standards, regardless of their industry experience, why not bring yourself closer to them to attain new insight and perspective.

How can you bring value to the startups you are mentoring? Is there something that particularly inspires you?

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the grime that goes along with pursuing one’s dreams. My aim as a mentor is to always help keep an entrepreneur on a clear one-way path towards their objectives and provide guidance for a successful strategy no matter what their proposed business model is.

What do you look for in an early-stage FinTech startup and what is the most critical aspect to get an investment?

When it comes to early-stage ventures, my initial dive is usually finding viability and strength in market appetite for a certain product/service and if an IP is clearly defined. After that, a clear strategy for scaling the business and the right team presenting it could lead towards the initial stages of an investment.

How do you see the future of the FinTech in UAE?

Right now is a very exciting time for FinTech in the UAE, where more and more projects are being given a platform to access support, capital, and the infrastructure to grow. With a sustained focus on the financial services sector and heavy investment towards Vision 2021, the UAE will continue to lead the region’s efforts in providing an innovative environment for FinTech providers and investors.

Recommend a “must-read” book for founders?

“Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff

Any final words of wisdom that you would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Just put your head down and narrow your efforts towards one main goal. It’s easy for an entrepreneur to be distracted by different situations and better opportunities but if you laser focus and work