Angel Investor Cafe: Startupbootcamp Amsterdam shares insights on the Do’s and Don’ts of Angel investing and offers investors a unique investment opportunity

Angel Investor Cafe: Startupbootcamp Amsterdam shares insights on the Do’s and Don’ts of Angel investing and offers investors a unique investment opportunity

04-Dec-2019 by Brenda Salim

Informal investors that are interested in co-investing in 30 FinTech startups with Startupbootcamp, Rabobank and BNP Paribas can learn more about this opportunity here.

How do you invest in startups, how risky is it, and where you pay attention when you decide to invest? 

It is usually unheard of that an accelerator program would be offered on the stock exchange. Well, at Startupbootcamp, we like to do things outside of the box. On the 23rd of October, together with Rabobank and the award-winning stock exchange platform Nxchange, our Fintech and & Cybersecurity accelerator program was officially listed on the stock exchange as the first-ever accelerator program going public. Since then, we have raised over €1.5 million in investment, and we are aiming to reach €2.3 million euros by the 9th of December. 

With that, we decided to host a special event for this initiative, The Angel Investor Cafe. Held at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam headquarters, this informal event was a great opportunity for interested investors, startup founders and members of our ecosystem to learn more about our IPO and the do’s and don’ts of Angel investing. Kicking off the event, Marleen Evertz, co-founder of Nxchange, Willem Knaap, senior innovation manager in Rabobank Group and Patrick de Zeeuw, Startupbootcamp’s co-founder and CEO spoke about their partnership for this IPO. Patrick also touched upon a few insights on his experience in building Startupbootcamp as a company. 

“I want to give all the lessons that I learned to younger entrepreneurs from startups that participate with us and in return I want to learn from them as well.”

Participating in the event were two of our trusted alumni, Bas Smeulders, co-founder of SendCloud, and Avishai Trabelsi, co-founder of Quicargo. Interviewed by Patrick, they discussed about their journey coming to Startupbootcamp and their stories from being a startup growing into a successful scale-up. 

More about these founders:

Bas is co-founder and COO of SendCloud. In 4 years the startup grew 5.400% and today has activities in 7 countries. In 2017 SendCloud was chosen by Deloitte as the fastest growing startup in NL. In 2019 it was chosen by the English financial times number 50 in the top 200 fastest growing companies in Europe. Sendcloud participated in SBC in 2014.

Avishai is co founder and CEO of Quicargo. Since then, the company raised €4.5 million in funding to grow it’s activities. Avishai and his team decided to participate in SBC in 2016 and move their activities from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam.

The event proceeded with Patrick elaborating about the IPO as it is the first-ever publicly listed Fintech and Cybersecurity accelerator program in the world. The unique take on this accelerator program is that it is a 3-year long program involving 30 startups. Thus, this investment opportunity gives any interested investor the possibility of investing in 30 startups, consequently spreading the risk to 30 enterprises. To add, this event was especially unique of its kind due to a valuable deal that was included in the investment opportunity. Buying one ticket will get you a 2-day angel bootcamp for the value of 4950 per year.

If you’re interested in investing, you can sign up to invest via the Nxchange platform.