Alumni Spotlight: InstaVal Facilitating Valuation for Equity Investment

Alumni Spotlight: InstaVal Facilitating Valuation for Equity Investment

20-Nov-2019 by sarah-shokr

InstaVal provides fair market business valuation for startups & SMEs service in any industry using AI & data processing. The service facilitates the intermediation in the equity investment between the investors and startups. We sat down with Akram El Youssi founder and CEO of InstaVal to find out more about their recent updates since they graduated Startupbootcamp FinTech Dubai last year.

Hi Akram, Can you please tell us a little bit about your background ? Why did you become an entrepreneur? How did you come up with the idea of InstaVal?

Ex-grey suit investment & finance professional, I’ve launched my 1st venture Upside Capital, a boutique M&A financial advisory firm back in 2010 to only find out, a few years later, that financial intermediation is structurally inefficient and destroying value for market participants.
The status quo had to be disrupted, and the corporate finance consumer experience had to re-imagined. Long story short, I’ve founded InstaVal to help promote equity investments in startups and scaleups.

What pain point are you solving and how?

The problem is founders, enablers, and investors collectively fail at closing enough equity deals, spot-on, fast with the right level of trust.
InstaVal is a data-driven business valuation and deal discovery platform. Our integrated capabilities combine business valuation technology, a matchmaking engine, and data analytics. AI is powering up each of these three layers independently and collectively over the value chain of the investment cycle.

What were you biggest challenges when you first started InstaVal?

First, we had to learn a lot about the digital economy and how to position the product in the market. Second, being at the forefront of an old undisrupted prime industry, skepticism was a natural reaction.

Any recent progress and achievements?

  • DIFC Licensed company. 
  • Growing users and revenue. 
  • Entreprise POC engagements are also under delivery. 
  • And as such, the team is growing. 
  • Few international ventures are in perspective, as well. 

What are your goals for the next year?

Being the go-to business valuation platform for founders, enablers and investors in the UAE.

Tell us more about your current team.

We’re seven and counting. I’m the founder & CEO. We’re lean but have what it takes to drive forward. From software engineers, data scientists, operation lead, and investment associates. We do have an advisory board hosting industry experts who help keep balance and guidance in strategy, business development, product, and operations.

How did the Startupbootcamp FinTech Dubai program support your growth?

The SBC experience was a significant milestone in our maturity curve. It helped us tremendously zero in the product-market fit while giving the opportunity to scale in a very interesting market.

Final words of wisdom to fellow founders.

  • Question the fundamentals.
  • Experiment smart.
  • Pivot quick.
  • Hunt early for a co-founder.
  • Raise more.
  • Get expert advice.

To know more about InstaVal and try it please visit their website here.