ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT. HireHunt Transforming Recruitment

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT. HireHunt Transforming Recruitment

29-Sep-2019 by sarah-shokr

In an attempt to solve his pain of not being able to hire the right calibers in a tight timeline which affected his project back then at one of the largest software houses, Basil Fateen founded HireHunt 5 years ago. HireHunt AI-powered solutions can automate up to 70% of the screening tasks for recruiters and provide relevant interviews much faster. The company was a part of the Dubai Smart City program powered by Startupbootcamp second’s cohort in 2018, and today we sat down with Basil to know more about his revolutionary recruitment solution.

Hello Basil! Tell us something about your professional background and how you started Hirehunt.

Basil: Prior to HireHunt I had a pretty diverse background of 12 years of software development, product consulting and writing as a published author.

HireHunt began it’s life as most startups, with a severe pain causing someone to scream “there must be a better way!” into the night.

In this case it was my pain, while I was a product consultant in one of Egypt’s largest software houses. The pain was needing to hire a large amount of skilled engineers into a whole a new department under tight deadlines and facing the inefficiencies and frustrations of the traditional recruitment process.

With every batch of failed interviews, I got more stressed, the talent bar kept dropping, as I saw empty seats remain empty and the project deadlines quickly approaching.

So the manager in me was suffering. But the product consultant in me became fascinated by the sheer magnitude of this problem of recruitment, a problem that seemed to be affecting almost everyone I knew. The more I talked to recruiters, HR managers, startup founders, job applicants, the more it became apparent that current solutions are severely outdated and becoming more ineffective as time goes on.

What pain point are you solving and how?

Basil: The traditional recruitment process is slow, inefficient and full of hiring bias that leads to long time-to-hire (and lost revenue). Unemployment is a growing global problem and the problem is getting more critical every year, especially with young professionals.

And that’s how HireHunt was born 5 years ago. HireHunt provides a suite of online recruitment technologies with innovative user experiences for both job-seekers and employers in order to remove friction points, hiring biases and bottlenecks in the process to make it much faster and more efficient. It’s powered by a unique blend of machine learning, gamification and process automation.

Every job-board boasts “millions of CVs”. Every job board has failed you time and time again. Hiring success is now all about process, not access.

HireHunt is like rocket-fuel for recruitment professionals.

With HireHunt’s easy to use tools, employers and recruiters can automate up to 70% of their screening tasks and get to relevant interviews much faster while providing a positive candidate experience at the same time.

What markets are you currently targeting and are you planning to expand your business in other markets?

Basil: Our current goal is to expand aggressively in the MENA region from our new headquarters in Dubai. However, with HireHunt being a SAAS product we are already being used in 9 markets and always on-boarding new innovative recruiters and employers from around the world. This is a $4 billion dollar market we are targeting over the next few years.

Any recent progress and achievements?

Basil: We are very proud of our recent version of the platform, which makes it easier than ever to instantly improve your hiring process, whether you are a solo recruiter or leading a large talent acquisition team at a multinational company.

To coincide with this release, we are extremely excited about our recent partnerships with DTEC at Dubai Silicon Oasis to power the recruitment of over 800 companies and our regional co-sell partnership with Microsoft.

Also, we’re very grateful that our original content has reached over 3 million people organically and struck a chord with young professionals in the region.

What are your goals for the next year?

Basil: Our goal is to reach 100 active subscribers of our latest version with at least 5 enterprise clients.

Tell us more about your current team.

Basil: After experimenting with a full-time team reaching 8 employees in 2018 we have decided to experiment with a 70% remote team of freelancers (developers, testers and account handlers) across Cairo and Dubai this year.

We are lucky to have as our Managing Director Somaya el Serbini, who is a highly experienced HR guru who was formerly heading the talent Acquisition of Microsoft MENA and on the HR board of the American Chamber of Commerce. Among our other HR consultants are Mahmoud Mansi and Moatasem Taha, who both come with vast experience and accreditations in the HR space at multinationals like Pepsi, Mondelez and McKinsey. Our creative director is May el Naggar, who was formerly a Creative Director at Fortune Promo 7.

How did the Dubai Smart City Accelerator support your growth?

Basil: The Dubai Smart City Accelerator was pivotal in our soft-landing phase to Dubai, by helping us refine our regional value proposition and expanding our business network considerably in a short amount of time. The team continue to provide a great deal of support in business development, PR and fundraising through their networks.

Final words of wisdom to fellow founders.

Basil: There is no way to prepare for this incredible adventure! I believe the most important thing is to appreciate every step of the journey, what it teaches you about yourself and the world and to be obsessive about providing real value to your customers. Be humble, don’t forget you’re human and that nothing comes above your mental and physical well-being and family is number one. Get good at identifying bullshit, especially your own. To all who are about to embark on this path, I salute you!