Submissions close in 5 days! – Discover why Japan now!

Submissions close in 5 days! – Discover why Japan now!

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27-Aug-2019 by Meghan Bridges

The countdown to the application deadline has begun. With hundreds of signups already locked in, we are reminding those who are interested to get their application in asap, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.


After meeting hundreds of startups around the world in our FastTrack events, we have found a few common questions that we would like to take a moment to answer.


Why Japan?

This may be the key focus of our program and our scouting, but it is always important to answer. Japan is rapidly moving forwards to implement technologies to assist with the achievement of smart cities, smart living, advanced mobility and improved healthcare and wellness. All these elements have been driven forwards by the government and through Japanese companies, turning towards innovation to bring about a new age.

This drive to innovate and advance has brought Japan to the forefront of adopting international innovation, for companies to collaborate with startups and for startups from around the world to grow within the heart of Japan. Our program is one of the leaders in introducing foreign startups to Japan, building strong partnerships for the startups we introduce and helping startups to successfully and effectively break into the Japanese market.

For more information on Why Japan, please check our e-flyer here.


Why now?

As the Rugby World Cup, 2020 Olympics and 2025 World Fair approaches, Japan is investing in technologies to support these events. Many of the partners in our program are contributing to these events and are looking for new technologies to create a better experience.

Not only are these huge events driving Japan to innovate, but the government is in the middle of a large technology and innovation push to drive the creation and expansion of more technologies, entering the Japanese marketing right now is the perfect timing to catch a wave of opportunity.


What do you offer?

Our program is equity free and connects you with major Japanese corporations who are looking to collaborate on PoC’s, pilots, joint research projects and introduce startups to their network of customers. Our partners are looking to collaborate on medical services, food tech, technologies to use in the upcoming world fair, smart homes, smart city technology, mobility, smart living, tourism and many more.

The program, and these collaborations, opens many doors within the Japanese market, allowing startups to reach new audiences, have support from powerful companies and reach a large international network of investors.

Learn more about the benefits on our website.


With only 5 days left to sign up for the program, we recommend you get started on your application now!



Meghan Bridges has always worked with the goal to approach creative ideas and solutions, tackling new ways within marketing and innovation. Building up a solid foundation within the gaming industry at Active Gaming Media, Meghan worked largely with small indie game companies or start-up game companies, allowing them to break out into the market and reach a global audience. Embracing this experience, she is now taking a step forward to help start up companies from around the world to break into the Japanese market and navigate the unique work culture.