Meet Us – Introducing the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka FastTracks Part 4

Meet Us – Introducing the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka FastTracks Part 4

08-Aug-2019 by Meghan Bridges

Introducing the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka FastTrack events, where mature startups, known as scaleups, from around the world have the chance to meet the Scale Osaka team, our partners and Japan experts. These FastTrack events are a window to meeting and potentially working with some of Japan’s most influential companies. Join us in a local city for more information on the program, to introduce your company and to build a network within the industry.

Startupbootcamp FastTracks are informal events that we host all over the world to meet the most suitable companies interested in joining our program. For each FastTrack, we invite the top 10 startups who apply to receive instant feedback from a panel of industry experts, network with our investment team and find out more about the program. Teams that attend a FastTrack are 20% more likely to be invited to the final selection days.


For the Scale Osaka program, we will be visiting over 10 different cities around the world throughout July and August.

We are just over halfway through the tour, but still have some spots awaiting sign ups on Startupbootcamp website. Explore all our events now.


What can Startupbootcamp FastTrack offer you?

  • Receive feedback from our Smart Cities & Living specialists from Japan.
  • Engage with Startupbootcamp global community. Meet with the industry executives and be exposed to worldwide opportunities
  • Be added to our watch list, which gives you higher chances to be selected for the program.


Our final set of cities in our international tour are Melbourne and Sydney!


Melbourne, Australia – Smart Cities & Living FastTrack

27 August, 2019 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Held at YBF Ventures (520 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia)


Sydney, Australia – Smart Cities & Living FastTrack

29 August, 2019 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Held at Sydney Startup Hub (11-31 York Street, Sydney, 2000 Australia)



Remember, the deadline for applications is September 1, 2019. Even if you cannot make it to a FastTrack event, we highly encourage you to sign up now! Apply here.

Learn more about Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka on our website.

Meghan Bridges has always worked with the goal to approach creative ideas and solutions, tackling new ways within marketing and innovation. Building up a solid foundation within the gaming industry at Active Gaming Media, Meghan worked largely with small indie game companies or start-up game companies, allowing them to break out into the market and reach a global audience. Embracing this experience, she is now taking a step forward to help start up companies from around the world to break into the Japanese market and navigate the unique work culture.