Mainstream and SBC present: Asset Management Conference

Mainstream and SBC present: Asset Management Conference

07-Aug-2019 by Claudia DeFabio

On 12 and 13 August, Startupbootcamp Australia will be at Mainstream’s Asset Management Conference, a 2-day event with local and international speakers who will introduce new technologies, ideas, and innovations that are currently transforming Asset Management in Australia and New Zealand. The startups in attendance will have the opportunity to engage with over 500 attendees in a pitch competition.

Our CEO Trevor Townsend will be attending the event with a short introduction of the startups, which include: Builtspace, Assetlogue, Assetspot, Machine Dreams, Uptick, and Holistic Asset Management.

Meet the Teams:

Builtspace, one of our EA19 alumni, is an outline platform used to easily create a detailed digital twin of buildings, making them easier to service and maintain. The company provides a real-time service data collection process that is critical to both facility operators/owners and service providers.

Rick Rolston, founder and CEO, shared his excitement for the upcoming event.  “Asset Management Reimagined! The title of the conference couldn’t be more appropriate. I’m really excited to stand toe-to-toe with some of the world’s best asset managers and talk digital twins, real-time service plans, and the future of AI in asset management.”

Assetlogue is a hyper-scale, geospatial asset collaboration and automation platform for the built environment. This technology allows one to harvest valuable asset data & apply machine learning models to predict asset behaviours. Assetlogue connects public & privately owned and managed assets with smart cities, including but not limited to, buildings, energy, water infrastructure.

Assetspot is a completely customizable digital asset management solution designed to save your assets from becoming a liability. Metadata associated with assets helps an individual catalogue, search and share their assets more easily.

Machine Dreams is a SaaS platform service running a simulator that generates high-resolution images of assets and environments along with a complete labelling, classification and segmentation data set for training object recognition machine learning models when there isn’t enough real data available.

Uptick gives customers access to the tools and data needed to run a business with more efficiency and better compliance with scheduling tasks, asset management, and quoting. The business is designed and built for Australian facility and strata managers, maintenance service providers, building owners, insurers and field technicians. Currently, Uptick helps manage 2.2 million assets and more than 100,000 Australian properties.

Holistic Asset Management focuses on asset management, reliability engineering, asset management systems and training and education. Their Asset Management and Reliability Specialists offer a powerful combination of industry expertise, subject matter mastery and dedication to delivering excellence for their clients, stakeholders and each other.

We are looking forward to engaging with each of these teams next week and hearing them pitch during the pitch competition. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Instagram pages to experience the full magic of each day.

Claudia DeFabio