Where creativity, entrepreneurship and disruption collide: Introducing the Startupbootcamp Media Program Class of 2019!

Where creativity, entrepreneurship and disruption collide: Introducing the Startupbootcamp Media Program Class of 2019!

08-Jul-2019 by Tasneem Hooghart

Earlier this year, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam announced the launch of its flagship Media program. Proudly done in collaboration with our partners Veronica Ventures, RTL and Moon Ventures, this new accelerator initiative will focus on startups that are impacting the future of the media industry. By bringing together key industry players, high potential startups, expert mentors and investors, this program will play a crucial role in building and nurturing the Media innovation ecosystem in the Netherlands. After 3 months of targeted scouting and an intense 2-day Final Selection Days event held at rent24, we have selected 11 startups to participate in its upcoming 3-month program. Who are they? Read on to find out!

Digital disruption is taking the media industry by storm

What makes this such an exciting period for the sector is the sheer magnitude and speed of the change in question. The formula for success and growth is shifting radically. For most traditional companies, adapting fast is really challenging. But the key lies in turning digital disruption into a competitive advantage, in order to achieve more growth. Of course, technology is an important driver and enabler of this transformation but here’s what we really think: the future of Media (or any industry for that matter) rests on the ability of all players – especially incumbents and startups – to engage and collaborate with each other. That’s how the industry will be shaped. That’s how disruption will translate into growth opportunities. And that’s exactly how our program will empower both parties to create a huge impact within the industry.

A snapshot of our scouting journey

From the very beginning, we had a clear focus: We were on the lookout for startups that harnessed the latest technologies and business models for the creation, distribution and consumption of content. Over 3 months of scouting (February to May) we analysed 4100+ startups, visited 10 cities in Europe (where we met and connected personally with over 200+ startups) and received 397 unique applications for the accelerator program. From a ‘Top 40″ shortlist, Bas Rogaar (Program Managing Director), and the SBC Team selected 21 startups (from 12 different countries), to participate in Final Selection Days for our flagship Media accelerator.

“Going straight to the heart of your business”

And so, on July 2 and 3, the spotlight fell onto the 21 teams! They went through 20+ mentor sessions (getting the opportunity to connect and speak with over 100 mentors) and also had the chance to discuss their ‘Facet 5’ profiles, where we took a closer look at their team make-up.

Final Selection days are really unique in this sense: pitching once or twice in a day (to people with different profiles) is tough – but what happens when you’ve got to pitch multiple times, over two whole days? It’s intense, it’s exciting and it’s inspiring… but it also forces you to dig deep about your solution, and really get aligned with your teammates.

“The intensity of this process – it really pushes you as an entrepreneur and founder. I’ve never tried anything like it… and I’ve tried many different things! This is really like going straight to the heart of your business. You’re surrounded by people with many different backgrounds, so you’re forced to actually have an answer about everything you’re doing as a startup. There’re so many angles to consider (because you’re meeting with such a diverse group of mentors)… it definitely pushes the way you think about your business – for the better!” – Daniel Vilholm Sand (Co-founder at Wedio).

“It was really valuable to be able to get insights from people in the Media industry on how the business is going – in the Netherlands and Western Europe in general. This is actually the reason why we came here. It’s also great to hear from the other startups as well! It’s interesting to understand how their businesses are going and what type of challenges they are facing. The vibe at these SBC selection days was incredible! I really admire the Startupbootcamp spirit!” – Thomas Vyskocil (Founder, Filmtoro)

Selection Day Highlights!

Apart from the discussion sessions the startups had with our network of mentors, the teams also were privy to a few special highlights!

  • Co-founder of Startupbootcamp, Patrick de Zeeuw gave an engaging talk on the Top 20 Mistakes Startup Founders Make. (Check out Patrick’s blogs (part 1 and part 2) on the topic, for a more detailed read). In all his years of being an entrepreneur, working with entrepreneurs and supporting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, he has learnt and experienced many do’s and don’ts of starting and scaling up a company. Great takeaways for the teams!
  • Kauan Von Novack, our Chief Global Transformation gave the startups a taster of all that’s to come during their 3-month accelerator experience. “All roads lead to Corporate Startup Collaboration” – he encouraged the startups to really dig deep and develop a clear goal for the upcoming program. Essentially, this is crucial if they want to make the most out of their experience.
  • We were also treated to a special session with TEDx award-winning speaker Sangbreeta Moitra, who shared some great insights that stimulated our thoughts on how to get into the mind of your most valued decision-maker by asking one pertinent question: “What are you doing to take away the pain of decision making from your customers?”

Introducing, the Startupbootcamp Media Class of 2019!

But of course, the main question on everyone’s mind was which of the teams would make up the first batch of startups for the Media program! After a rigorous jury deliberation on the evening of July 3, a decision was reached – we’re excited to kick-start our flagship Media Program together with these 11 amazing startups! Congratulations Wedio, GaZoom, RIPPLA.TV, Holographics, TIM, Filmtoro, Streamix, Viddioo, Yourtalk.fm, byBr and PromoMii!

“I’m really thrilled by our first Startupbootcamp Media program cohort! They all have immensely interesting solutions to offer the market and the teams themselves are super engaged and impressive. Together with our dedicated program partners, expert mentors and wider SBC network, I can’t wait to empower them to accelerate and harness all the growth opportunities that are out there. This next program is going to be an accelerator unlike any other – I’m going to be fully focused on ensuring that we help create great connections, that grow into valuable opportunities for everyone involved.” – Bas Rogaar, Startupbootcamp Media Program Managing Director.

For a closer look at the 11 teams selected and the full list of the 21 startups that were part of the Selection Days, you can read our press release.

We’ve also captured some great moments from the event – check out the photos from Selection Days here.

The program officially begins on August 17th. Invested in finding out how the program progresses? Keep a close eye on all that we’re up to by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook!


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