Announcing the SBC World Tour: EnergyAustralia 2020 FastTracks

Announcing the SBC World Tour: EnergyAustralia 2020 FastTracks

25-Jul-2019 by Claudia DeFabio

The SBC team is travelling the globe to scout for our next EnergyAustralia program! As part of the SBC World Tour, we will be visiting 27 cities to scout for our upcoming energy program with our FastTrack events. FastTracks are essentially half-day events where startups share what they do, and receive immediate feedback on some of their biggest challenges from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. 

Alumni from the last two programs have achieved massive success by leveraging the mentorship from the FastTracks and Programs. Some notable alumni mentions include the following: FOHAT conducted a microgrid assessment at Queen Victoria Market in partnership with the City of Melbourne, UCapture completed a batch installation of their browser extension with the Spotless corporation, and a pilot between RedGrid and EnergyAustralia focused on automated demand management. 

Another notable Startupbootcamp alumni from the first EnergyAustralia program is EnergyTech Ventures. The India-based startup has trailed its software across 11 million feet of commercial real estate in India, Australia, and UAE. EnergyTech Ventures has also finalised contracts worth US$500k ARR and most recently was featured on CNBC. 

These startups were able to capitalise on their relationships with our corporate partners and mentors and accelerate their businesses profoundly in a short period of time.

CEO Trevor Townsend, Executive Program Director Richard Celm, and EnergyAustralia Program Director Abdur-Raheen Bulbuliya will be flying all over the world to meet the startups chosen for each FastTrack. The event is centred around feedback and guidance from industry experts and our mentors. FastTracks also give startups the opportunity to connect with people who can help accelerate their businesses, including the VC fund that’s aligned with the program, Artesian Capital, and corporate partners including EnergyAustralia, Spotless and DiUS. 

To learn more about how to apply for Fast Tracks, click here

Claudia DeFabio