Startupbootcamp Australia- Meet our 2019 FinTech Cohort!

Startupbootcamp Australia- Meet our 2019 FinTech Cohort!

08-May-2019 by Claudia DeFabio

With Selection Days officially over, we are so excited to announce the ten teams that are part of our 2019 FinTech cohort! These innovative and groundbreaking startups are trailblazers in the FinTech space, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish during the program and beyond. Now, let’s meet the teams:

1. ZScore Technologies

Deleep Muralis created Zscore, which is a data quality and preparation company with its own proprietary platform of modern smart data and algorithms that help organisations to cleanse, enrich and transform data in an efficient way, and also to enable “Data Governance.”

2. Emotics

Founded in Hong Kong, Emotics founders Ray Horan and Darren Liviniuk created a RegTech company that analyses engagement with online content. Emotics monitors user behaviour during online compliance training for clients in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and oil & gas. Emotics attention provides an analytics layer that ensures employees pay attention to their compliance training, and analyses the effectiveness of the content so it can be improved.

3. ChintaMoney

Coming to Melbourne from Bangalore, India, is Narahari Rao and Uday Wagh of ChintaMoney. Founded in October 2017, ChintaMoney aims to make people financially healthy by providing a money management solution integrating Payments (UPI), Bucket-based Budgeting, and Investments. Their active budgeting enables users to ‘physically’ separate money they have in their multiple bank accounts into various categories called ‘Buckets’. The AI Financial Planner then suggest things taking into consideration live dynamic data points and make relevant suggestions which can be implemented in real life directly and affect spending.

4. InsureVite

Batbayar Ragchaa and David Yeng created InsureVite. The startup’s omnichannel platform combines Robotic Process Automation with Chatbot, enabling customers and insurers to interact, transact, and engage without ever leaving the channel.

5. TradingValley

Han-Sheng Peng from Taipei, Taiwan, founded TradingValley, which develops intelligent algorithms to provide better financial services for the public to help accomplish financial goals more easily and efficiently.

6. InfoVera

From Austin, Texas comes Linas Jarasius and InfoVera. InfoVera is a Market Value Reporting Agency, is a Sterling Creek Holding Company, founded to change the game for owners of privately held businesses—to help them realize the full potential of their company’s market value, and to give them the confidence and tools they need to pursue business opportunities with prospective investors, acquirers, insurers and other business partners.


7. Youthful Savings

Somya Munjal of New York City, NY created Youthful Savings, an education technology company that creates and delivers innovative education products through a virtuous approach in order to disrupt the cycle of poverty.



8. Pencil

Melbourne locals Greg Armstrong and Tim Demetriou created Pencil, which is a trade-account management platform that services wholesalers and their customers. They solve the common problems for Wholesalers such as falling behind in technology, inefficient when enforcing agreements & collecting cash, with its features, including fast credit applications, easy credit checks, receivables automation and flexible payment processing.

9. ZigWay

All the way from Myanmar is Zigway! Founders Laurent Savaete and Miranda Phua created the startup to help the poor access cheap, quick and flexible Nano Loans from Microfinance Institutions as well as help smooth their income and better manage connections with banks or other mobile money services. Their online platform also removes the burden of administering small loans from MFIs (e.g. credit risk assessment, disbursement and repayments). 

10. Fractal

Fractal is from London with founder Nicholas Heller. The startup is an API-based, self-service platform for financial partners targeting SMEs. Fractal builds user-centric and compliant identity and payment solutions for the decentralized web and supports open source blockchain projects to fund the future ecosystem using an initial token launch.

This year’s cohort culminates the best of the best in the FinTech industry with their innovative startups focused on disrupting the current status quo of the industry. Stay tuned with our program updates in our weekly newsletter. Subscribe here.

Claudia DeFabio