QST Hackathon: 48 hours of Sports, Red Bull, and Coding

QST Hackathon: 48 hours of Sports, Red Bull, and Coding

QST Hackathon: 48 hours of Sports, Red Bull, and Coding
02-Apr-2019 by Diana Florescu

Qatar SportsTech’s 1st Hackathon reimagines fans’ engagement and participation in 2022 WorldCup

Attracted more than 150 digital enthusiasts from 25 different nationalities to collaborate and co-create solutions

It was an exciting 48 hours of SportsTech entrepreneurship in its purest form. Last weekend the acceleration program, Qatar SportsTech, in partnership with Qatar Development Bank (QDB) held its 1st Hackathon in Doha attracting an outstanding 150 entries from aspiring students and professionals across the capital.  

The overwhelming response to participate resulted in the organizers having to carefully screen the applicants and to shortlist 50 individuals. The 48-hour long hackathon brought together over 25 nationalities from all age groups and professional backgrounds to develop the most disruptive and most inclusive customer engagement solutions.

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Themed ‘Enhancing Customer Engagement and Fan’s Participation in Fifa WorldCup 2022”, this year’s hackathon focused on the use of technology to seamlessly integrate Sports Tourism, In-Stadium Experience, and The Connected Fan solutions.

QST Hackathon: 48 hours of Sports, Red Bull, and Coding

Students, professionals, and developers gathered at this “coding party” to put their ideas into practice. A couple of conference rooms are filled with sleeping bags. Sections of the co-working space have been transformed into a cafeteria stocked with snacks, pizzas, sweets, and beverages enough to last for the night.

It’s almost midnight on Friday and Workinton, the host venue, looks like a battlefield with lean business canvases, laptops, pens and bean bags scattered everywhere. It’s late and the roads of Doha are quiet, but Workinton is buzzing! Energy drink Red Bull is now high in demand as most coders look determined to stay awake and continue working overnight.

Koen Bosma, Qatar SportsTech Managing Director adds: We want to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs and companies to thrive in a nascent startup ecosystem; hackathons are fantastic opportunities to achieve innovation quickly. We put 50 driven minds together for 48 hours and got some exciting new ideas that have the potential to evolve into something big.”

Attendees made the best use of the resources and tools provided by the QST team and their experienced mentors and community partners. The teams received specialized workshops in ideation, customer development, prototyping and pitching and throughout the weekend, 11 projects were developed.

QST Hackathon: 48 hours of Sports, Red Bull, and Coding

Ahsan Mansoor, Senior Legacy Manager of The Supreme Committee –I was really impressed by the teams’ true dedication to building great products and their passion for social impact and innovation, and this is just one of the very first events that we have planned together with Qatar SportsTech. Together we aim to provide a platform for regional and global innovators to display their entrepreneurial spirit all while building a sustainable and economically diverse future for Qatar.”

If you want to know what happened last weekend at the QST Hackathon, we invite you to watch the video below and discover the ideas and the winning teams. Stay tuned for more information on the Facebook channel on how to participate in the next hackathon in autumn.

The winners on the first QST’s Hackathon edition were announced on day three of the event:

1st place: XvsY – Uniting international travelers with local apps

2nd place: Awalan – An event management tech stack which turns stadiums into awesome event venues

3rd place: Buddies -”the Uber” for finding the nearest sports players in town

QST Hackathon: 48 hours of Sports, Red Bull, and Coding

Arijit Mukherjee, XvsY team member and winner of the 1st QST Hackathon says: Great insights were shared by the mentors, which helped us to make the desired tweaks for the product. We are definitely looking forward to upcoming events. A big thumbs up to QST, Workinton, all other partners and mentors for providing such a great opportunity for everyone along with an amazing environment, place, and food.


The Qatar SportsTech team would like to thank the program mentors, FabLab, SAP, Campus, and Student Life Qatar, Workinton and the jury represented by the Supreme Committee, Aspire Zone, Tasmu, Startupbootcamp and Qatar Business Incubation Centre for participating in the hackathon, sharing their valuable insights with the teams and helping transform Doha in a prosperous entrepreneurial hub.

QST was thrilled having Workinton facilitate the event space and RedBull who kept us all energized to be able to run at full speed.

About Qatar SportsTech

Qatar SportsTech in partnership with QDB is an accelerator program powered by Startupbootcamp dedicated to helping sportstech start-ups scale globally through direct access to an international network of mentors, partners, and investors.

The top 10 selected start-ups participating in this programme are getting ready for the upcoming Demo Day event on May 2nd that will be held at the iconic Khalifa Stadium. Register here.

QST Hackathon: 48 hours of Sports, Red Bull, and Coding

Diana Florescu

Global Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Startupbootcamp