How Senno Gives the Power Back to the Consumer

How Senno Gives the Power Back to the Consumer

04-Apr-2019 by Claudia DeFabio

In 2019, data breach scandals are unfortunately nothing new. Some of the most well-known data breaches that have occurred recently include scandals from companies such as Facebook, Mariott, and Google Plus. In all of these cases, individuals did not knowingly give consent for their data to be used externally and were ensured by the companies that their information was safe. And even when consumers are aware their information is collected, they are seldom given compensation for their personal data. 

People have lost control over how their personal information is collected or used, big corporations are offering ‘free’ email, utility apps and social platforms but it requires the individual to sell his privacy without providing a way to choose what one is getting in return. On the other hand, companies that wish to collect data in a transparent, regulatory-compliant way and monetize it find it complicated both technically and legally. This gap in the market has led to the creation of the startup Senno. 

Senno is offering a new paradigm for collecting and monetizing personal data. They provide consumers with a safe way to store, interact with and share their data. At the same time, companies can monetize their user data automatically and collect additional data transparently from their users through the use of financial incentives.

Co-Founder Elad Peled shared his motivation for starting Senno as an industry expert:

“Personal data sharing is broken, being done badly for a long time. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, as well as recent major data breaches, made all of us understand that something is fundamentally wrong in the personal data ecosystem. Senno is giving people back the control over their data, with our platform you can share the same data you’re already sharing with Google and Facebook and get rewarded for doing so. The personal data industry is getting into a new era and we’re excited and privileged to take part in this revolution.”

Senno gives the power back to the consumer by monetizing their personal data in a transparent way that properly compensates them. You are no longer left wondering, “Who is using my data without my permission?” as Senno gives you back the control of how you distribute and share your information. 

Claudia DeFabio