What it Means to “Think Outside of the Box” in 2019

What it Means to “Think Outside of the Box” in 2019

15-Mar-2019 by Claudia DeFabio

While e-commerce gives consumers the ability to buy products and services from the comfort of their own homes, it creates other issues from the lack of human engagement. For instance, the global conversion rate of online sales is equal to 1-1.5%, whereas the conversion rate of direct (face to face) sales is equal to 22.5%. Therefore, businesses aren’t guaranteed to sell more online even though that is where most of their audience is.

Conversion rates represent the “percentage of website visitors who take action on an offer you present to them” and “tracks the effectiveness of your messaging as well as the product behind the message. In addition, conversion rates can also track webinar registrations, email click-throughs, and landing page signups.

Businesses are now struggling to balance the ease of online shopping with effective customer service. While face-to-face communication with customers is the most ideal sales strategy, particularly with high-end brands, businesses also want to utilize their online presence with e-commerce.

However, it is a quite expensive undertaking to bridge this gap. Some of the resources necessary for this undertaking include hiring UI | UX designers, copywriters, developers, and purchasing online services such as chatbots or AI chatbots. And even with all of these features, there is still no guarantee that the website will be able to properly engage a customer to make a sale.

This issue led Ablay Makhmudov to create ivcbox, a live widget that utilises face-to-face interactions in order to bring humans back into the online space. Coming from a background in sales, Makhmudov was inspired to create the widget in order to combine his experience of human sales and e-commerce. After seeing the difference between the number of people visiting the website and the number of people actually paying for services, he was motivated to address this issue with ivcbox. He was inspired to use the benefits of individual engagement with the convenience of online shopping and thus, ivcbox was born. 

Ivcbox’s technology is completely customizable for each business, which ensures they are able to engage with their customers in a unique and effective way. It is also easy to install with just a simple piece of code as well as user-friendly with just one click to engage with future customers. Ivcbox has already seen improvements in their customer engagement, with one bank increasing its online conversion rate to 21%.

Ivcbox has been instrumental in bridging the gap between digital and face-to-face customer service by bringing people back into the online experience.

Claudia DeFabio