Elements for Change

Elements for Change

20-Mar-2019 by Claudia DeFabio

Australians pay the highest energy bill in the world, with 85% of it coming from coal, according to The Australian Financial Review. The average South Australian household pays 2 to 3 times as much as American homes. In an age where conventional energy is so expensive, consumers are looked for alternatives that are affordable and sustainable.

Due to the consistently high prices for energy, more individuals are investing in renewable alternatives. Thus, the demand for energy software management systems has risen quickly. Energy management software is predicted to grow 10% annually for the next four years, which will increase demand from both the private and public sectors. Accurate real-time data is essential in order to manage these devices efficiently.

Elemize, the leading residential aggregation platform in Italy, is committed to addressing these issues by building a comprehensive ecosystem of industrial partnerships to guarantee universal access to distributed energy technologies worldwide.

Energy suppliers no longer need to develop their own control platform or rely on closed and unscalable solutions, as a result of Elemize’s innovative efforts. The open platform includes easy to use AP’s to integrate third party’s software, as well as flexible and adaptable through a cloud-oriented approach.

Co-Founder and CTO Riccardo Gori gave his take on the energy sector as an industry expert:

“Energy prices in Australia are among the highest worldwide. 3 million people today can’t pay their energy bills. LiberPower aims to provide free clean energy to everyone. Leveraging Elemize technology, the European leading residential energy platform, we install solar, batteries and smart controllers, we manage the electricity contract and sell services to energy retailers and distributors. By doing this, we are able to guarantee free energy to homeowners”.

Elemize is about to launch the LiberPower project, the first “freemium” business model for energy. LiberPower leverages rooftop solar, batteries and the Elemize Residential Aggregation Platform to let each building sell energy services to energy retailers and distributors, improving today’s solar and battery ROI by 50%.

LiberPower takes care of the maintenance of the system and energy contract so that the tenant really doesn’t see energy bills anymore. After proving that free energy increases the value of a house by around 10%, the startup is currently working with property developers and builders to sell the first homes in Australia free from the power bill. Their objective is to reach all homeowners and soon and will also have freemium plans for apartments!

Claudia DeFabio