Startupbootcamp’s Top 10 Most Read Articles in 2018

Startupbootcamp’s Top 10 Most Read Articles in 2018

Startupbootcamp's Top 10 Most Read Articles in 2018
09-Jan-2019 by SBC

In 2018 we shared around 100 articles and case studies with our readers and subscribers. Today we have collected a list of posts which were most-read, shared and liked during the year. They range from topics as diverse as the most powerful economies of the future, predictions of InsurTech moving beyond Insurance to why startups fail and what we can learn from failure.

In case you missed them first time round, here’s another chance to take a look at Startupbootcamp’s most-read articles of 2018.

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1.Breaking Boundaries: How InsurTech is Moving Beyond Insurance, published on 17th July 2018. Analyzing data from over 1000 startups and talking to some of the most knowledgable people in the world of InsurTech, this report identifies that InsurTech will play a more important role within the industry in the years to come.
Read the report online now.

2. Building a Vibrant FinTech Ecosystem in Latin America, published on 28th November 2018. In collaboration with EY and the Research Center for Business Entrepreneurial Initiative-EY at IPADE Business School,– this paper reveals the challenges and opportunities for a vigorous emerging FinTech ecosystem in Latin America. Learn more

3. Design Thinking: A Non-Linear Process, published on 25th July 2018. Design thinking is not a linear process, nor do the stages have to be followed sequentially, but an important place to start is at empathy. Learn more about what design thinking means and what this concept involves.

4. We’re Launching Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco To Bring International Startups to the Bay Area, published on 15th January 2018. This blog reveals Startupbootcamp’s new model – Scale – and some of the reasons we chose San Francisco as a strategic location for this program.

5. Collaborate to Innovate: Thread in Motion and Mercedes-Benz Case Study, published on 16th November 2018. This Case Study tells the story of Thread in Motion and how a pilot test with Mercedes-Benz Turk evolved into successful commercial engagements with some of the world’s best automotive giants.

6. Blockchain 101: A Comprehensive Guide to the Blockchain Universe, published on 24th February 2018. At this point, everyone has heard about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With this guide to all the jargon associated with this concept, you’ll be able to master the basic ins and outs of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

7. Going International: Raising Capital Abroad, published on 19th February 2018. What to expect when raising foreign investment? We spoke to our alumni companies to understand the pros and cons of international funding. They raised additional rounds of money both in their home country and overseas after they graduated from Startupbootcamp programs. Here’s the long and short of what we found.

8. Sharing economy and its impact on the transportation sector, published on 18th June 2018. From Airbnb to city bikes, the ‘sharing economy’ has become a global phenomenon. This article explains what sharing economy is all about and how it is changing industries.

9. When FinTech Innovation meets Financial Inclusion, published on 7th December 2018. An open interview with Startupbootcamp and Pride Capital about boosting financial inclusion in Cairo through a new FinTech program.

10. How Startupbootcamp Grew to Become the World’s Largest Network of Innovation Programs [+Infographic], published on 13th December 2018. The report offers an exclusive look inside the evolution of Startupbootcamp, including the organization’s newly released 2018 impact figures, and information gathered through thousands of startup applications and company success stories. It shows how we grew to become the world’s largest network of innovation programs with 20+ programs over six continents.

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