Startupbootcamp Australia: Launching our 2019 Smart Energy Program

Startupbootcamp Australia: Launching our 2019 Smart Energy Program

14-Jan-2019 by Richard Celm

Following Selection Days, 11 startups were selected to be a part of the Startupbootcamp’s smart energy accelerator program. Delivered with core partners EnergyAustralia, Spotless and DiUS the program brings global startups to Melbourne for a 3-month intensive program. Before we start, allow us to introduce you to our cohort:


  1.     Builtspace

Based in Canada, Builtspace is run by Rick Rolston (CEO & Co-Founder), and Marcie Rolston (Co-Founder). It digitally twins asset and service processes across the built environment. Capturing critical asset and service data the traditional way is time-consuming and laborious. BuiltSpace transforms these processes to provide real-time operational and maintenance analytics, allowing cost-effective operation and service of buildings.

  1.     Ecologic Apps

Ecologic Apps was founded and established in Australia by John McKibbin (CEO & Co-Founder) and  Tim Savage ( CTO & Co-Founder). They are accelerating energy transformation by combining big data analytics, world-leading building science, and the latest web and mobile technology. Ecologic Apps has automated the process of providing energy advice to help households and SMEs analyze their energy use, generate tailored energy plans, engage quality product suppliers.

  1.     Elemize

Coming all the way from Italy, Elemize is led by 5 founders: Niccolò Teodori (CEO), Riccardo Gori (CTO), Luigi Fierimonte (CFO), Alberto Saggio (R&D), and Marco Molica Colella (CIO). It is an independent Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and a trading platform for energy storage systems. Elemize Open Platform standardizes the way you monitor and control any brand of an energy storage system. It leverages advanced forecasting and optimization algorithms to obtain different objectives and trade the VPP into the markets.

  1.     FOHAT

FOHAT is based in Brazil. It was founded and is led by Igor Ferreira (CEO), Daniela Paes (CHRO), Rubens Buzzeti (Project Manager), Vanessa Grunwald (Energy Trader), Francisco Leal (Decentralised Operations), Douglas Ferreira (Technology operations), and Renan Schepanski (Sales & Marketing). FOHAT develops software solutions to integrate distributed energy resources (iDERs) and Energy Trading (Wholesale Market) inside Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants (VPP). In simpler terms, FOHAT is building the blockchain microgrid for a decentralized energy future.

  1.     IVCbox

Ablay Makhmudov, the CEO of IVCbox is flying in from Kazakhstan. IVCbox is a B2B, WebRTC based API widget. It provides businesses of all industries with a video widget which connects them with their website visitors, increasing customer interaction and sales productivity. It provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communication capabilities via simple application programming interfaces, providing solutions to increase sales and customers’ satisfaction.

  1.     Keewi

Keewi is based in California and is led by Jennifer Tsau (CEO & Co-Founder) and Hedi Razavi (COO & Co-Founder). Keewi tackles the problem of rising energy waste. It automates plug load management through the power of big data and occupant engagement, by offering a socially driven energy management system with a layer of intelligence added to a create tomorrow’s network of buildings.

  1.     Nostromo Energy

Located in Israel, Nostromo Energy is headed by Yaron Ben Nun (Co-Founder & CEO) and David Ben Gal (Co-Founder & CBO). Nostromo Energy has developed the IceBrick™, an Ice-based Thermal Energy Storage system (Ice-TES) that enables storage (by freezing) and discharging (by thawing) of ice in a fast and energy-efficient manner, achieving optimal volumetric water capacity, employing inexpensive components and enabling modular adjustment to the required installed capacity.

  1.     Power Diverter

Power Diverter Australia Pty Ltd is based in South Australia. Power Diverter develops Renewable Energy Management Technology. It provides high-quality low-cost energy management systems for solar PV owners providing free hot water and free air-conditioning both heating and cooling all year round. When excess solar energy is detected its clever power management diverters this power automatically to the existing air conditioning and electric hot water systems saving hundreds of dollars each year on consumers energy bills.

  1.     RedGrid

RedGrid is based in Melbourne, Australia and is led by Adam Bumpus (CEO & Co-Founder), Simon Wilson (CTO & Co-Founder), and Alex Evans (CMO & Co-Founder). RedGrid is creating the open-source transactive protocol that will underpin the smart grid of the future. They harness the most efficient distributed software technology to enable secure and private transactional energy services for any energy device, and they call this the ‘internet of energy’. RedGrid enables devices to intelligently respond to market signals and act independently on the behalf of the grid. Their software can be simply embedded/integrated to any energy or energy-related IoT device, from the largest system to household sensors, enabling that device to securely, privately, automatically, and intelligently shift and adjust energy usage and transact with others in the community. By doing so, they balance the grid through aggregated demand response, make renewable energy integration easier, and create a system-wide shift toward efficiency, transparency, and accessibility. The scalability and ubiquitous applicability of their solution enables the customers to create new business opportunities and models and drive added customer value in the grid of the future.

  1.  Senno

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Senno was established and is led by  Elad Peled (CEO), Rudy Zakuto (CTO), and Lennon Tam(COO). Senno is disrupting the personal data industry by offering a new paradigm for monetizing personal datacustomers are financially incentivised to share their data while rewards are paid automatically by Senno’s blockchain protocol.

  1.  UCapture

UCapture is a green-tech platform founded by Avery Michaelson (CEO) and developed by Mark Siadat (CTO). UCapture is the easy, fun and free way for consumers to combat climate change. Their free browser extension activates on 7,500+ online retailers and funds carbon offset projects, like reforestation, when users shop. As such, UCapture captures the “cost of carbon” in a win-win-win for consumers, companies and the planet. UCapture’s extension also provides online coupon codes, so users can save money too.


Startupbootcamp Australia would like to thank all our mentors and our local partners: EnergyAustralia, Spotless, DiUS, City of Melbourne, LaunchVic (on behalf of Victorian government); and our community partners – YBF Ventures, KHQ Lawyers, Pitcher Partners, and Stripe; as well as our global partner Innoleaps, The Talent Institute, Cisco, Facet5 and Amazon Web Services.  It is their generous support that has made this program possible.

To connect with any of the startups or find out more about this program email:

You can also follow their progress on twitter @sbcEnergyAus.