Week 25: Updates from our Teams as the Program Rounds Up

Week 25: Updates from our Teams as the Program Rounds Up

16-Nov-2018 by Ceylan Ersoy

This week was all about feedback and getting together to share what has been happening in the individual trajectories of our teams. As they settle into the Valley atmosphere and get fully immersed in all the action, it is beginning to get difficult to even have a minute to spare. Below, you can find a glimpse of what has been keeping us busy!

Verismart has been hard at work, holding numerous meetings with banks, telecom companies, airports and payment system companies as a means of seeking out potential customers. This also functions as a platform for testing the solutions, or simply put proof of concept, created by their product through collaborating with companies in the United States. Saurabh, the founder, defines Verismart as “an identity blockchain platform which is automating the ‘know your customer’ and institutional aspects of the platform like banks, telecoms and backend compliances.” When asked what makes them unique among all the other digital identity platforms, Saurabh elaborates: “After working for more than 3 years with different stakeholders and government entities across 5 countries, Verismart has learned some key problems which are related to democratizing the Digital Identity.” While working with The Digital Identity platform Aadhaar in India, (which have advanced API based Authentication platform for 1.3 billion people) Verismart faced major challenges with the government entity on producing secured and limited access to trusted businesses, adhering to the standards of the security and GDPR. This requires the constant control of the transactions and the individual consent for ID data capturing, which could eventually prove to be fatal. Improper checks and required limits imposed on many private enterprises are a plausible reason. Saurabh reflects on the situation before Verismart by saying: “Individual data was rolling among all the enterprises and it become a trading notion for everyone without any individual tracking of Identity verification and which enterprises these are stored at.”

Verismart has reportedly addressed the core of this problem and created an end to end solution for KYC (know your customer) onboarding processes, backening compliance mandates among regulated institutions. Their model makes digital identities and individual data more individually controlled, while simultaneously fitting them into the matrix of regulatory framework. In order to bring this model into reality, Verismart is building a syndicate across different geographies, has partnered with almost 22+ global banks and telecoms and so forth. “With the growing priority economies to promote process digitization, we disrupt the major barrier of onboarding and adjust them for more compliant users” Saurabh says.

On a similar note, Kuan Intelligence is following Verismart’s trajectory of growth, currently establishing a new company in China, following their experience in England, Finland and the United States. Cabture’s follows the same tangent, moving into the Valley with full speed. They have been working to develop the connections they have made in the Las Vegas Transportation Fair. They were excited to share that just in a few weeks, cabs with the Cabture system installed will be navigating in San Francisco.

Our team Teleporter elaborated on their analogous achievements. With over 15k users in their platform, more and more users are streaming and connecting to Teleporter’s virtual reality experience every day. On another note, Smart Mimic is also on the verge of major investment and strategic partnerships both in United States and Turkey. Ten thousands of users are utilizing Mimic for personal security and insurance purposes.

Kompas follows our teams with a congruent path in their growth, entering a new European country with every coming month. Their commitment to offering customers novel and authentic opportunities to discover new cafes, restaurants, museums and venue, brought them to San Francisco’s Mission district. They will soon extend their app to the entire city!

Two of our teams are taking on a very global stance in the market, with Wisboo sustaining a steady growth in South American countries and Sensfix entering unprecedented working initiatives in Holland, Germany, India, Portugal and United States. Sensfix’s service has been helping test the maintenance and repair solutions of several companies in United States so far, with abundant positive feedback. Optiyol’s global initiatives in minimizing logistic expenses has been bringing them together with the biggest holdings in Turkey. They have notable names joining their Advisory board to support their integration in the the American local experience and acceleration in the industry. Their attempts at making strategic partnerships with logistics companies and related firms continue.

Codela is currently seeking to extend their partnerships and sales channels in Turkey and the States with their initiatives to simplify hiring processes. Buck.ai’s artificial intelligence product similarly has great potential to aid companies in their redundant work processes such as scheduling meetings, getting orders and launching basic marketing campaigns over text.

Finally, Publicfast is continuing their steady growth as their solution helps brands come together with social media phenomena, mediating cooperative network establishments. They will be opening up to new markets in the near future.

We are beyond excited to follow these wonderful accomplishments; then again, we expected nothing less from our extremely promising teams! Keep on following our blog to hear back on the last couple of weeks of the program.