Week 24: Une Semaine de Visiteurs

Week 24: Une Semaine de Visiteurs

13-Nov-2018 by Eraycan Safa

As November begins bringing along a relatively chilly feeling, we step into our program’s last month! Even though our days in the program are numbered, the opportunities we have acquired for the near future are countless.

Our office was honored by the Parisienne twist brought to us by L’Atelier from the renowned French bank BNP Paribas. Here are some facts about L’Atelier BNP Paribas to get a better understanding:
L’Atelier’s history goes back to 1978 and focuses on Prospective Research, Business Transformation Consulting Services and Business Acceleration Programmes.
Their main objective is to track and detect emerging trends and assist clients in preparation for achievement oriented strategy making.
Their website shares their mission as: “Their mission is to help both the BNP Paribas Group and its clients to adapt to the changes taking place in the digital era and guide their decision-making so that they are able to fully embrace and capitalise on the digital transformation of society and business.”
L’Atelier utilizes contacts, networks and analytical capabilities for long-term and innovative decision making on emerging issues.

We welcomed Matthie Soule from L’Atelier, where he conducted 1:1’s with each one of our teams. Matthie talked about how a startup trying to expand into the American market should try to make the business model more Americanized, given that the working systems are distinctly different than the European models. “The European model might be more straightforward” Mathieu reflected.

It was fun to observe the half French, half English correspondence between Matthie and Utku from Buck.ai. Having lived in France for some time, Utku was excited to jump back into the French point of view in business. He introduced his startups’ vision to Matthie by saying “Human beings ought to spare more time developing their creativity, rather than wasting time with redundant work. Our product relieves employees from these redundant phenomena common in workplaces.” This vision aligns with L’Atelier and their mission to keep watch on innovative ideas and integrating these ideas into business practice. Matthieu introduced us to how L’Atelier does this through their control of media channels including websites, newsletters and similar social networks. They particularly prioritize IT strategy, e-commerce, social media, cultural angles and exciting new trends.

This tracking of innovation, thus, takes place in four main platforms:
“The Media” that utilizes the website, radio programme and social media monitoring
“The Events” that organizes dialogue and information exchange around current innovation topics
“The Digital Strategy Advisory” that incorporates identified innovations into context for companies and specific professions
“The L’Atelier Lab” that brings innovative entrepreneurs in contact with major corporations in order for them to work together to invent and design new digital products and services

As we bid “Adieu” to a week of brainstorming and innovative thinking, its truly exciting to see how global a vision our program supplies. With every new language you can hear from the corners of our office, it is easy to see the intercontinental potential possessed by the names on our roster.

Eraycan Safa