Miami Healthcare Hackathon 2018 (Dec. 1 & 2)

Miami Healthcare Hackathon 2018 (Dec. 1 & 2)

06-Nov-2018 by Catherine Taylor

Entrepreneurs, clinicians, researchers, healthcare companies, tech pros, community organizers, mental health experts, students, writers, and interested South Florida community members are coming together on Dec. 1 & 2 to “hack” the social determinants of health.

The Issue

The National Academy of Medicine says that only about 20% of a person’s health is attributed to medical care and clinical visits. That leaves a whopping 80% of a person’s health determined by factors such as physical environment, socioeconomic standing, and personal behavior. (Learn more.)

Source: National Academy of Medicine

The bottom line is: not everyone in South Florida — or in any community — has equal opportunity to be healthy.

The Hack

On Saturday, 12/1 and Sunday, 12/2, CIC Miami will be bustling with people who have come together to look at healthcare issues in a new way.

The Miami Healthcare Hackathon is a partnership between SBC Scale Digital Health Miami and M.I.T. Hacking Medicine.

At the start of the Hackathon, teams will be formed around key questions commonly faced in the delivery of healthcare, particularly to patients with medically, socially, or economically complex cases.

The teams will then get to work hacking through the issues associated with the problem they’re trying to solve — contributing factors, barriers, possible new solutions, or tweaks and refinements for existing practices.

Day 1 is spent getting really down in the weeds with the issues. Mentors from a variety of healthcare backgrounds will circulate between the teams to share their expertise as it applies to each team’s problem-solving approach. Teams will end the day by thinking about how they’re going to pitch their proposed solution to the judges the next day.

When the Hackathon gets started again on Day 2, teams will refine their ideas and prepare their pitches for the afternoon judging session. Once again, mentors will be visiting with each team to finalize the solution and perfect the pitch.

Have I mentioned that $1,000 goes to the winning team?!

We’re thrilled to partner with M.I.T. Hacking Medicine, who has been organizing healthcare hackathons across the globe for seven years. To their credit, these hackathons have produced 45 companies that have raised more than $175 million in financing.

This video offers a great example of another M.I.T. Hacking Medicine event in action.

The Faces

Dr. Luther Brewster of the FIU College of Medicine is joining the Miami Healthcare Hackathon to give the keynote talk. Dr. Brewster is chief of the college’s Division of Policy, Research, and Community Development. He has a fascinating background that is sure to inspire ideas and conversation at the Healthcare Hackathon.

Dr. Luther Brewster, FIU College of Medicine

We also have several familiar faces from the SBC Scale Digital Health community joining the Healthcare Hackathon as both participants and mentors. We’ll share more about participants, mentors, and judges on this blog soon.

Join us at the Miami Healthcare Hackathon!

Catherine Taylor provides writing, PR, and event support for SBC Scale Digital Health Miami. She has a 15-year career in communications and marketing, which has included boutique agencies, a large business association, and her own start-up agency in Miami.